SB Abortion Clinic Looks to Offer Surgical Abortion This week — State Secretly Helps Expand The Clinic

Whole Woman's Health Abortion Clinic
Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic — Photo: Google Maps

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered documents showing plans for a South Bend abortion clinic to start offering surgical abortion as early as this week. Documents submitted with the State of Indiana show the Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic applied for the license in January. Indiana Department of Health officials responded by stating a provisional license would be approved pending an inspection of the facility. Currently, WWH only offers pill-induced abortions to women up to 10-weeks pregnant.

REAL News Michiana reached out to the IDOH to see if an inspection has been completed or scheduled. As of publication, we have not received a response. The documents show an anticipated opening date as April 1st.

The discovery of these documents comes after REAL News Michiana reported on how the Indiana Department of Health was hiding information about the clinic from elected officials, journalists and pro-life advocates.

Multiple pro-life groups and politicians had been working to get information about the clinic possibly expanding services for months, after clinic leaders stated in a letter to supporters that it planned to expand. The IDOH stonewalled them until about a week prior to the clinic’s anticipated expansion of services.

The move by WWH was also only made possible by Republican Governor Eric Holcomb, who decided to go against the advice of the Indiana Attorney General and helped give WWH a full-license to operate as what was believed to be a pill-only clinic earlier this year. Until that move, WWH was operating under a provisional license at the order of a federal judge. The State of Indiana had refused to issue WWH a license to operate due to shady practices in other states. WWH sued the state of Indiana. That litigation is still making its way through the courts.

Whole Woman’s Health has aligned itself with self-proclaimed Antifa activists and an organization with ties to the Satanic Temple of Indiana. Those activists volunteer outside of the clinic to escort mothers-to-be into the facility to kill their unborn children. Those volunteers call themselves “deathscorts.” One of the clinic’s volunteers was investigated by the Capitol Police for nearly hitting Congresswoman Jackie Walorski with his car as she prayed outside of the facility last year.

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