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WATCH: South Bend’s extreme abortion clinic volunteers


Courtesy: Right to Life Michiana

South Bend, Ind. — While South Bend abortion clinic, Whole Women’s Health, continues to operate unlicensed with the help of a federal judge, abortion zealots are doing all they can to prevent women from hearing about options other than killing the unborn.

“They’re aggressive, angry and hateful toward us.” Executive Director of Right to Life Michiana, Jackie Appleman, told REAL News Michiana.

The clinic provides abortion pills to women up to 10 weeks pregnant and referrals to abortion providers for women who are further along. Right to Life Michiana sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors are outside of the clinic during operating hours to present pro-life options to the clinic’s “patients.”

“We are peaceful, prayerful and law abiding. We let the women know we’re there for them. We want to help them.” Appleman said. “The goal is to get them to walk away from the abortion business and to a women’s center that can offer life-affirming support during pregnancy and after.”

However, pink-vested “escorts” with rainbow umbrellas do all they can to make sure the women go through with their abortion, using absurd and violent tactics. Sometimes barking like dogs to drown out the pro-life message, as seen in the video below.

Right to Life Michiana shared several photos and videos of those “escorts” verbally attacking and threatening peaceful pro-life advocates. In the next video, a maskless man charges at one of the pro-life advocates, coming nose-to-nose, screaming profanities and threats in his face. All of this happening during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Other tactics include walking up to and blowing smoke into the faces of pro-life advocates. The video below shows a woman with a mask hanging from her ear, blowing smoke directly into the faces of sidewalk counselors as they try to hand a gift bag containing small treats and literature about life-affirming options to a woman visiting the clinic.

They also play music and dance to drown out the pro-life message while seeming to celebrate the dozens of innocent lives being snuffed out by this facility each month.

“We try to interact with them as little as possible.” Appleman said. “Even women who role down their windows or walk up to us, they (the escorts) get in the way. They walk them back to the facility. They tell the women we hate them, we’re only there to judge and yell at them.”

The actions of these abortion clinic volunteers should be of no surprise when looking at the founder of the clinic, Amy Hagstrom Miller. A quick search of her social media accounts shows her support of the past summer’s riots and vandalism where she talks about touring the damage done and describing the beauty of it.

She also posted a photo of what appears to be a naked Medusa holding the severed head of a man with the caption, “Be thankful we only want equality and not payback.”

Hagstrom Miller also wrote an article for Rewire News Group titled, I Opened an Abortion Clinic in Amy Coney Barrett’s Indiana, in which she claims the actions of the pro-life advocates in South Bend are extreme.

RNM’s requests to interview Hagstrom Miller received no response. Volunteers at the facility would not hold a discussion with RNM except to tell the approaching reporter to “looking online.”

Despite the tactics of Hagstrom Millers ”volunteers,” Appleman says Right to Life Michiana has been successful in its mission. She says there have been 25 “confirmed saves” from their efforts and 30 “hopeful” saves that can’t be verified.

Appleman also provided RNM numbers she’s received from the department of health. Since the facility opened in June 2019 through October of 2020, there have been more than 360 abortions, according to her records.


  1. What profane, perverse language the crazy old man spews out on front of young children, disgusting, and my toddler used more effective tactics than he does, lol! He kept bringing up the tired, old, “making people sick” rubbish, when HE wore no mask, and refused to social distance, constantly getting in the man’s face with HIS nasty face, and while they have continued to stuff women and girls inside of that death mill at the same rate that they always have, since before 2O2O!
    He likely belongs to a local Wicca coven, as much as he’s anti-Christ and the way he’s obsessively defending mass child sacrifice.
    Those clown deathscorts are useing identical tactics as antfa/bIm used at some of their c0mmie revolution riots, including the demonic barking.


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