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TAX-FUNDED PETTY: Dem Employees at Voter Registration Separate Themselves With Boxes Used for Sensitive Voter Data

Democrat employee of the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office, Amanda Konrath, peers over a wall of boxes built by Democrat employee, Aisha Avance, as Avance stands to the left of the photo

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Democrat employees in the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office are using taxpayer dollars to carry out a petty feud against each other, as the two have built a makeshift wall out of boxes that are used to store sensitive voter data. Ironically, sources tell REAL News Michiana, the taxpayer funded feud started when one of the members of the office used the county copy machine for personal use.

According to sources familiar with the office, the boxes being used in the childish game are storage for old voter registrations that are to be archived for 22 months until they can be destroyed with permission from the state. These are registrations from deceased voters or disenfranchised voters.

Sources with knowledge of the situation tell REAL News Michiana, Democrat Voter Registration employee, Aisha Avance, set up the wall of potential sensitive voter data in response to another Democrat employee (Amanda Konrath) reported Avance made personal copies for activist/convicted felon, Vernado Malone. Those copies were of documents for a court case involving in a protection order being filed against Malone.

Malone and Avance have had a longstanding business relationship. Avance was the Vice President of Malone’s non-profit, Justice for Michiana, which was created to help with the costs of funeral services for the families of homicide victims. Malone is currently embroiled in two lawsuits for taking a sharing nude photos of dead bodies from a local funeral home. He and Avance were involved in sharing those photographs with employees and others at the Voter Registration Office.

REAL News Michiana attempted to contact the Democrat Board Member of the office, Muhammad Shabazz. He was not in the office. RNM left a business card and requested he give us a call. As of publication, he has not responded.


This is just the latest in a string of dysfunctional events with Democrat employees of the office.

Shabazz, who is the Democrat Board Member, is currently involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit in which he is accused of sexually harassing a female, Republican employee.

RNM also reported on an incident in which a former Democrat employee created a fake voter registration card in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

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