Allan Kauffman

Former Goshen Mayor questioned about election crimes in school board race

GOSHEN, Ind. -- The Elkhart County Election Board is investigating a complaint that former Goshen Mayor and current Goshen School Board Member, Allan Kauffman (D), committed election crimes by actions he took during a fundraising campaign for several school board candidates earlier this year. The issue revolves around essentially a money laundering scheme in which Kauffman was given money raised by a third party for a campaign from several donors, then made a lump sum donation in his name to multiple school board candidates he was supporting, making it appear as if it were a private, personal donation made only by him. The alleged reason for the actions was to hide the names of the people making the donations.
Kris Seymore

Elkhart Police Chief under investigation by State Police

Elkhart Police Chief Kris Seymore THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A STATEMENT FROM THE MAYOR'S OFFICE ELKHART, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has confirmed the Indiana State Police opened an investigation into Elkhart Police Chief...
Matt Chaffee

WATCH: New conservative school board member calls out district’s woke leadership on hypocrisy

GRANGER, Ind. -- Penn Harris Madison's newest school board member gave a fiery speech at Monday night's board meeting, calling out the hypocrisy of several liberal board members and the district's superintendent. Matt Chaffee, who won in the November 8th election and won't take his seat until January, gave the speech during public comment. Chaffee spent three minutes deriding the district's leadership for their involvement in attacking him, conservative parents and other conservative school board candidates.
Terri Rethlake

WATCH: Former Dem. Clerk credits RNM for flipping office Red

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Former Democrat St. Joseph County Clerk and current Deputy Clerk, Terri Rethlake, attempted to insult REAL News Michiana by crediting the news outlet for helping to turn the Clerk's Office Republican. Rethlake, who has been involved in St. Joseph County politics for more than 40 years, took time to give a speech at the St. Joseph County Election Board meeting on November 18th, where she defended current Democrat Clerk Rita Glenn. Glenn is currently under two Indiana State Police investigations for potential crimes involving the handling of absentee ballots. The investigations were launched after RNM uncovered the potential crimes.

OutCenter continues child targeting campaign

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- The OutCenter of Southwest Michigan, an LGBTQ orgnanization in Berrien County, is continuing it's campaign to target children and schools despite criticism from adults and parents across the community. Now,...

PHM Comms Director donated money to prevent conservative school board candidates from winning —...

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has learned the Penn Harris Madison Schools' communications director, Lucha Ramey, was one of dozens of donors to give money to a Political Action Committee that was created to fight against the three conservative candidates for the PHM Board of School Trustees who were on the ballot for the November 8th election. Lucha Ramey donated about $100 to the Coalition for Common Sense PAC which openly supported 3 left leaning school board candidates, according to information obtained by Transparency USA.

WATCH: The Miracle of Life — a Testimony

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- On November 16th, my wife and I welcomed the newest member of our family. Trudy Console French was born just before 8:00pm, weighing a perfect 7.5lbs. Named after a Charlie Daniels' song and her late grandmother, this girl is amazing. That's the sanitized description of how this bundle of joy came to be. She's a beautiful, bright-eyed angel, who is cooing in her bassinet next to me as I write this story... and who just soiled herself, meaning I'm taking a quick break to change a diaper.
Zack East

LGBTQ org. has hit piece written about RNM for exposing their targeting of children...

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- A small news outlet in Michiana wrote a hit piece about REAL News Michiana for uncovering the operations of a Southwest Michigan LGBTQ organization that has infiltrated numerous public schools and berates parents for wanting to be involved in the education of their own children. It turns out, the VP of that media organization also happens to be on the Board of Directors for The OutCenter of Southwest Michigan.
Amanda Konrath

Election Board tosses ballot of voter who may have been illegally registered by Democrat...

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The St. Joseph County Election Board tossed out the ballot of a woman who appears to have been illegally registered to vote by the Democrat Board Member of the county voter registration office. The board decided to invalidate the ballot at the election board meeting on Friday where they convened to certify the results of the 2022 general election.
Ethan Horvath and Ross Deal

Dem PAC and Candidate disappear from social media following major losses

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A Democrat PAC in St. Joseph County simply disappeared following devastating defeats of most of the candidates it was supporting. Only days after St. Joseph County went red for the first time in history, the St. Joseph County Victory Committee disappeared from social media, where it had been launching most of its attacks against members of the GOP. One of the main candidates receiving support from the PAC, District 7 State House Representative Candidate Ross Deal (D), also appears to have deleted his social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.