Girls On The Run Michiana

Non-Profit Located in Dozens of Elementary Schools Pushes CRT

pushing Critical Race Theory on girls as young as 8-years-old. REAL News Michiana has discovered literature shared by Girls on the Run Michiana to assist in the racist indoctrination of young children.
Girls On The Run Michiana

“Girls” on the Run? Charity for Girls Promotes Kids in Drag

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- A local charity aimed at girls as young as 8-years-old is promoting drag and transgenderism in kids. Girls on the Run Michiana, which has partnerships with nearly 70 area schools, has become vocal in promoting woke ideology such as non-binary, transgenderism and drag.
The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities

4th Grade Teacher, Satanic Leader Reviewed Satanic Workbook For Kids

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana discovered a 4th grade public school teacher, who is also the leader of a statewide Satanic temple, reviewed a Satanic children's activity book. Right Now, RNM is working to find out if any of those activities were used in the teacher's class.
Jessica Klikas Satanic Temple Indiana

School Defends Teacher Running Satanic Temple

ORT WAYNE, Ind. -- The school district for a 4th grade teacher who REAL News Michiana discovered owns and operates a statewide Satanic temple, responded to RNM's requests for comments by defending the teacher's association with Satanism.
Jessica Klikas 4th Grade Teacher

4th Grade Teacher Runs Indiana Satanic Temple

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has discovered the owner and founder of a statewide Satanic temple is a 4th grade teacher at a school district just south of Fort Wayne.
NIA Satanic Fundraiser

“Menstruatin’ With Satan” — Dems help Local “Non-Profit” Fund Antifa, Satanists, Abortion Clinic

Elkhart, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has discovered the funding arm for local Antifa communists, Satanists and an abortion clinic is in fact a local 501(c)3 that has received donations from hundreds of local...
Williams-Preston poses with a member of the Latin Kings street gang

Middle School Promotes Another Anti-Police Radical With Relationship to Latin Kings Street Gang

as been promoted to a high ranking administrative position at a local middle school. According to sources, Regina Williams-Preston, a leader of BLM South Bend and vocal cop hater, has been promoted to Dean at Navarre Middle School.
Valeria Charmorro

Assistant Principal: “All Cops Are Bastards”

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has discovered the radical social media posts of the newest principal of a South Bend middle school. It turns out, the assistant principal isn't even a licensed teacher.
Noblesville High School Principal Craig McCaffrey

Teen Sues School, Principal For Disbanding Pro-Life Club

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- A freshman at Noblesville Highschool in central Indiana filed a federal civil rights lawsuit earlier this week against the school and administration for disbanding a pro-life club she had created in the fall of 2021.
Timothy Bloom turns his back on a parent

WATCH: School Board Member Turns Back on ANOTHER Parent at Meeting

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has obtained video of a Whitley County Consolidated Schools' Board of Trustees Member turning his back on another parent during a meeting earlier this week. The board's vice president, Timothy Bloom, was being criticized by multiple parents during Monday night's meeting for an obvious conflict of interest.