South Bend Cubs partners with Child Drag show org. for “Pride Night”

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has learned the South Bend Cubs is partnering with an organization that puts together drag shows for kids for the baseball club's "Pride Night" this year. In fact, a portion of ticket sales goes right to the organization that hosts multiple drag shows for children every year.
Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Parade snubs GOP — Allows Democrats

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has learned the Westside Memorial Day Parade snubbed Republican candidates and the party from participating, claiming it does not allow political affiliation or campaigning to be part of the parade. There's only one problem; the parade allowed Democrats to do just that.
Camp Whitley

Kids’ summer camp hires trans counselors, pushes gender theory on children

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has learned a historic summer camp for children in Whitley County is actively hiring transgender camp counselors while at the same time pushing radical gender theory onto children as young as 7-years-old.
The Well

South Bend Church plans drag show for kids AGAIN — Kids 5 and under...

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend church is hosting a drag show for kids next month. The Well Coffee House, which is part of (and inside) River Park Grace Church, is hosting the "All Ages Drag Pride Edition" event on June 9th. According to the portal used to purchase tickets for the event, children 5 and under get in for free. While kids 6-17 get in at half price.
Butch Morgan

Dem. Party scrubs money owed to the late Butch Morgan, never paid him or...

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The most recent financial filings for the St. Joseph County Democrat Party no longer show a debt owed to a man who passed away earlier this year. However, it appears the party simply scrubbed the debt from its financials without ever paying the man or his family.
Danielle Black with Jerry Thacker

WATCH: Teacher claims CRT not at PHM — She literally wrote a thesis on...

Danielle Black receives teacher of the year award in 2018 MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Penn Harris Madison's 2018 teacher of the year gave an impassioned speech at the school district's board meeting earlier this week where...
PHM School Board

PHM School Board refuses to put CRT resolution on agenda, will be forced to...

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has learned the Penn Harris Madison Board of School Trustees refused to put a resolution regarding its stance on Critical Race Theory on its next agenda, despite two members pushing for a vote and adoption condemning the practice. The refusal from board leadership seems to be in vein though, as the two members plan to force the entire board into a vote anyway.
Tara White

Elkhart Schools’ Administrator fights to keep porn in school libraries, adds additional content to...

ELKHART, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has discovered the Director of Literacy at Elkhart Community Schools is working overtime to ensure pornographic, disturbing and controversial material is available to children as young as 5-years-old in school libraries. RNM discovered the push being made by Director of Literacy Tara White in several emails obtained by our news organization.

“They socially transitioned her without our knowledge” — Parent describes Elkhart School’s secret transing...

ELKHART, Ind. -- Following a REAL News Michiana story uncovering the policy of Elkhart Community Schools to hide the gender transitioning of children from their parents, a mother reached out to RNM to describe how the school district not only hid the child's wish to change her name and pronouns, but actively pushed the child into the transgender world and ideology.

Elkhart Schools policy hides gender transition of kids from parents

ELKHART, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has uncovered documents showing Elkhart Community Schools actively hide the gender transition of children from their parents. According to Elkhart Schools policy regarding "LBGTQ advocacy" any child older than 12-years-old will be called by the name of their choosing. However, in order to hide the information from the parents or guardians of the children, only the child's legal name will be used on any documents.