Rita Glenn disposes of documents

VIDEO: County Clerk enters secure absentee ballot area alone, throws away potential ballots night...

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has obtained security video showing Democrat St. Joseph County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Rita Glenn, entering the secured absentee ballot area alone after business hours. In the video, Glenn enters the area with a grocery bag, then exits with several documents and throws them away. The video was taken by security cameras in the hallway outside of the secured absentee voting area in the Clerk's office and appears to show Glenn potentially ripping the documents up prior to shoving them down the sides of a blue disposal bin in an attempt to conceal them. Glenn is also seen checking another door that would give access to the hallway, potentially locking it prior to disposing the documents concealed in the bag.
Lucien Greaves, Cofounder/Spokesperson for The Satanic Temple

DOCUMENTS: Satanic Temple sues Indiana to continue “ritual” human sacrifice/abortion

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The Satanic Temple is suing the state of Indiana in federal court on grounds of religious freedom, claiming the state's new abortion laws violate their religious "ritual" of human sacrifice, among other things.
County-City Building, Photo: Google Maps

Audit: $50,000 missing from County Clerk’s Office

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The most recent audit of the St. Joseph County Clerk's Office, obtained by REAL News Michiana, shows more than $50,000 is missing from the office's checking account as of the end of 2019. It turns out, audits from previous years show a similar trend, with thousands of dollars being simply unaccounted for.
Election Fraud Mugshots

Woman convicted of voter fraud hired to work in SJC absentee ballot office

From left, Butch Morgan, Pam Brunette, Beverly Shelton and Dustin Blythe were charged April 2, 2012, in an election fraud case from the 2008 Indiana Democratic primary. Photo -- SOUTH BEND, Ind. --...
Rita Glenn

Taxpayers forced to pay $300/hr to defend Dem. clerk under investigation by State Police

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has learned St. Joseph County taxpayers are responsible for footing the $300/hr bill of the attorney representing St. Joseph County Clerk, Rita Glenn. Glenn and her office are currently under investigation by the Indiana State Police following an RNM story about the Democrat having and disseminating multiple keys to the secured absentee ballot area, without the knowledge of the St. Joseph County Republican Party.
Anya Zoledziowski

VICE News reporter plans hit piece against RNM

International left-wing news outlet, VICE News, is turning its focus on REAL News Michiana for an upcoming piece defending a local teacher who was fired from her job after RNM exposed the educator moonlights as a pornstar.
Vernado Malone and Donald Alford Sr.

Alford’s Mortuary settles case involving nude pictures of corpses

From left to right: Vernado Malone, Donald Alford Sr. SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has learned Alford's Mortuary settled the lawsuits from multiple families regarding nude pictures being taken and shared of their...
Sheriff Redman LGBTQ Center

Sheriff gives speech, support to org. that does drag shows for kids

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- REAL News Michiana has discovered a local organization responsible for organizing and hosting annual drag shows for children has received support from St. Joseph County Sheriff William Redman. Not only has the Sheriff vocalized support for the group, he visited the organization to give a speech to children in attendance.

PHM School Board REHIRES band coach who had naked penises on social media feed

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Despite vocal concerns from parents and members of the community, the Penn Harris Madison Board of School Trustees rehired the Penn High School Color Guard Choreography Director who had a social media feed full of naked men. The social media feed also had several posts regarding politics and Penn High School mixed in throughout. All of the board members, except for James Garrett, voted in favor of rehiring marching band coach on Monday night.
Penn High School Logo

Penn HS looks to rehire coach despite porn filled social media feed

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- The administration at Penn High School is looking to rehire the school's Color Guard Choreography Director, despite learning about his publicly available pornography filled social media feed. The administration has requested the Penn Harris Madison Board of School Trustees approve a contract agreement for Andrew Mroczek at September 12th's scheduled meeting.