REAL PoV: The GOP is stronger than ever — growing pains are expected

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Look at what the GOP has accomplished and continues to accomplish in St. Joseph County. It's amazing. Republicans control the County Council, County Commissioners, Assessor, Clerk and more. We have a growing party with record-setting membership. Meanwhile, the Democrats are floundering and broke. Their message of sexualizing kids and destroying the economy is, expectedly, unpopular.
Tim Cotton

REAL PoV: St Joseph County Salary Increases can be a Good Thing

As the County Chair for the St Joseph Libertarian Party, I am a staunch advocate of conservative libertarian values. I believe in limited government, individual liberties, and free markets. This includes a severe bias against using tax money unnecessarily, which from a Libertarian viewpoint consists of almost any money that has been taken from taxpayers under the threat of force (if we don’t pay). Today, I am actually making the argument in favor of salary increases for the county clerk, county auditor, and county assessor in St. Joseph County. By aligning their compensation with comparable state-wide salaries, we can ensure fair remuneration, attract top talent, and foster a robust democratic system that benefits all residents.

REAL PoV: Indiana: The Model For What America Can Be

I am often reminded of this quote from Frederick Douglass, “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” This quote has stood the testament of time and still rings true today.

REAL PoV: Southern Indiana doctor emphasizes importance of patient privacy & proper notification of...

Medical doctors tend to be highly respected – similar in ways to firefighters, police officers, and soldiers. Yet, just like the latter occupations, the field of medicine is dealt a black eye whenever individual practitioners violate bonds of trust or otherwise break rules governing their profession.

SATIRE SATURDAY: Mayor gives ousted Health Officer key to the city giving access to...

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- To honor his service to the City of South Bend and St. Joseph County, this week, Mayor James Mueller gave the Key to the City to Health Officer Dr. Robert Einterz whose last day was on March 31st.
Todd Rokita

REAL PoV: On behalf of Hoosier farmers and others, we are fighting the ‘WOTUS’...

By Attorney General Todd Rokita Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney General One of my favorite parts of serving as Indiana’s attorney general is talking to Hoosiers across our great state. At a recent stop near the city of...
Pete Buttigieg

REPEAT PETE: Buttigieg avoids tough questions — Just like he did as mayor

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is reverting back to tactics that worked for him as Mayor of South Bend; avoiding tough questions by simply ignoring reporters.
Margaret Menge

Act NOW to stop massive expansion of state-federal control over public health in Indiana...

The Indiana legislature is considering giving the Indiana Department of Health an additional $300 million over the next two years in what will be the largest-ever expansion of the state public health bureaucracy and the biggest expansion of state control over personal health decisions.

WATCH: The Miracle of Life — a Testimony

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- On November 16th, my wife and I welcomed the newest member of our family. Trudy Console French was born just before 8:00pm, weighing a perfect 7.5lbs. Named after a Charlie Daniels' song and her late grandmother, this girl is amazing. That's the sanitized description of how this bundle of joy came to be. She's a beautiful, bright-eyed angel, who is cooing in her bassinet next to me as I write this story... and who just soiled herself, meaning I'm taking a quick break to change a diaper.
Tim Bloom Turns Back on Parent

The conservative push to change school board races

INDIANA -- While conservatives managed to sweep the State of Indiana and turn historically Democrat St. Joseph County to the GOP, school board races across the state were a major disappointment in local conservative circles. This is despite hot botton educational issues like Critical Race Theory, Gender Theory and inappropriate sexual content being taught to children that fueled partisan Republican races and helped Republicans across the board win their elections. Aside from Hamilton Southeastern Schools (located in central Indiana), where the conservative slate of candidates swept the school board, wins for conservative candidates on the school board level were fewer than expected. The question is why?