WATCH: The Miracle of Life — a Testimony

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- On November 16th, my wife and I welcomed the newest member of our family. Trudy Console French was born just before 8:00pm, weighing a perfect 7.5lbs. Named after a Charlie Daniels' song and her late grandmother, this girl is amazing. That's the sanitized description of how this bundle of joy came to be. She's a beautiful, bright-eyed angel, who is cooing in her bassinet next to me as I write this story... and who just soiled herself, meaning I'm taking a quick break to change a diaper.
Tim Bloom Turns Back on Parent

The conservative push to change school board races

INDIANA -- While conservatives managed to sweep the State of Indiana and turn historically Democrat St. Joseph County to the GOP, school board races across the state were a major disappointment in local conservative circles. This is despite hot botton educational issues like Critical Race Theory, Gender Theory and inappropriate sexual content being taught to children that fueled partisan Republican races and helped Republicans across the board win their elections. Aside from Hamilton Southeastern Schools (located in central Indiana), where the conservative slate of candidates swept the school board, wins for conservative candidates on the school board level were fewer than expected. The question is why?
Matt Chaffee

REAL PoV: PHM School Board Candidate Matt Chaffee’s response to a recent South Bend...

WRITTEN BY MATT CHAFFEE, CANDIDATE FOR PENN HARRIS MADISON BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES Matt Chaffee, Candidate for Penn Harris Madison Board of School Trustees My name is Matt Chaffee and I currently am seeking election to...
Andy Rutten

REAL PoV: Transparency is essential in public schools

In running for school board in the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corp, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for government agencies like public schools to be clear and responsive to the local community. Each governing agency in Indiana has a legal authority to provide for a specific common need, but they must value and maintain the trust of the community.
Diego Morales

REAL PoV: A vote for Diego Morales means safeguarding our elections and more

The Indiana Secretary of State is our Chief Elections Officer, who oversees a fundamental pillar of our democracy - free and honest elections. Safeguarding these elections ensures each Hoosier voter can confidently cast their ballot, knowing the process is fair, secure and grounded in integrity. Having served in the office for a combined 16 years, we know this to be true.
Bryan Jones

REAL PoV: PHM Portrays an Incomplete Picture of Academic Performance

Bryan Jones, Candidate for the Harris Township seat on the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation Board of Trustees WRITTEN BY: Bryan Jones, Candidate for the Harris Township seat on the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation Board of Trustees Over the...

REAL News Roundup: PHM School Board Makes Up Rules to Silence Parents

In this episode of the REAL News Roundup, Clifton and Ben are joined by school board candidate Andy Rutten to discuss PHM refusing to let parents discuss the pornography filled social media feed of a Penn High School marching band coach.
Zach Potts

The Legacy of Zach Potts — A Friend to Many — And the Genius...

SJC GOP Chair Zach Potts SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- I'm not usually at a loss for words. But the loss our friends yesterday is truly hard to process. REAL News Michiana is proud to have...

Shame on Politicians Who Voted Themselves YUGE Raises

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Less than one year ago, when Bidenflation was just starting to take hold and punish hard working taxpaying St. Joseph County citizens, the democrats on the St. Joseph County Council voted themselves significant raises – approximately 56%. It is noteworthy that every single democrat voted to give themselves the raise and every single Republican voted against the raise. Even the local legacy print media outlet wrote about this shocking raise.
Diego Morales and Dan Elliott

Grassroots Conservatism Overtakes Indy Establishment at Republican State Convention

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Two political outsiders claimed victory at the Indiana Republican State Convention in Indianapolis this past weekend: Diego Morales for secretary of state, and Dan Elliot for the state treasurer. If it were up to Indianapolis, we’d have elected different nominees.