REAL News Roundup: All the Secret Keys

In this episode, Clifton and Ben discuss the discovery of multiple previously unknown keys to access the secured St. Joseph County absentee ballot area. The additional keys are all held by Democrats -- when...

REAL News Roundup: PHM Schools Arrest and Ban Parent Who Exposed its Illegal Activity

In this episode, Clifton and Ben discuss the arrest of a peaceful parent at a PHM School Board meeting. The parent's crime? Requesting more time to discuss the school district's finances at a public...

REAL News Roundup: South Bend Leaders Normalize Grooming

In this episode, Clifton and Ben discuss the drag show being promoted and organized by government leaders in South Bend that is offering free admission to children ages 4 and younger. Plus, Dumb and Dumber plays out at PHM Schools. And, a judge sees a local "activist" for who he truly is -- a stalking predator. You can also listen to an audio only version of the show on Spotify.

WATCH: REAL News Roundup — Softball Coach Predator

In this episode of the REAL News Roundup, Clifton and Ben discuss several stories uncovered by REAL News Michiana, including the arrest of a youth softball coach who is accused of raping a 13-year-old player -- plus an update on a South Bend abortion clinic's push to expand into surgical abortion and the arrest of a longtime Democrat politician for beating his wife.

REAL News Roundup: Pre-K Pornstar Teacher Exposed

This week, Clifton and Ben discuss the Pre-K teacher who is also a pornstar from Goshen. This man, who is originally from Goshen, Indiana, recently made an appearance at a local Boys and Girls Club and was disinvited to be a Featured Speaker at a statewide educator conference in Illinois. Watch this week's podcast below or listen to the audio version of the episode on Spotify.

REAL News Roundup: A Masterclass in Gaslighting

In this episode of the REAL News Roundup, Cliff and Ben discuss how Governor Holcomb and the State of Indiana are secretly helping a local abortion clinic expand services, the continued circus show at the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office and the masterclass in gaslighting from administrators at Niles Schools. Watch the Youtube video below -- or listen to the audio podcast version here.
Clifton French with son

My Down Syndrome Miracle: How my son turned a day of death and terror...

MOSUL, Iraq, March 21st, 2006 -- "Pop, pop, pop, ting!" As my Humvee filled with smoke from a fire extinguisher that had just been pierced by a round from an enemy AK47, I dropped into the truck from the turret to make sure my head had not just been blown off. I could hear every breath. My heartbeat had moved into my eardrums. The only thing louder was the sound of bullets buzzing past my ears like supersonic bees. I took a deep breath, stood up and manned my .50 caliber machine gun.
PHM School Board

PHM School Board Should be Ashamed of Themselves

MISHAWAKA, Ind -- Congratulations, Penn Harris Madison. You finally listened to the parents and allowed for common sense to sink in. And you’re probably congratulating yourselves for “saving” the children from Covid until it was safe to lift the restrictions. While Thursday marks the first mask-optional day for children at PHM, I do not applaud you. Instead, you should be ashamed for what you did, as will be evident below.
Ben Dallas and Clifton French

WATCH: Clifton and Ben Discuss Satanic Temple Infiltrating Schools

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Ben Dallas and Clifton French discuss the Satanic Temple infiltrating our schools and describe what the organization's goals are. Ben and Clifton will be doing weekly podcasts and videos starting...

Council Dems Continue to Spend Your Money on Themselves With Raises and Attorney Fees

The St. Joseph County Council, under the leadership of democrat Council President, Rafael Morton, and lying side-kick, democrat Diana Hess (who also happens to be the Chairwoman for the St. Joseph County democrat party), have squandered nearly $70,000 of taxpayer money apparently trying to preserve democrat super-majority control of the St. Joseph County Council. Further, this shameful expenditure is only through the end of the 2021 calendar year. The profligate spending has continued unabated into 2022, with no end in sight.