SB Abortion Clinic Planning Expansion to Provide Surgical Abortions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned the embattled Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic is looking to expand its operations to provide surgical abortions of the unborn. Currently, the clinic is a pill-only clinic, offering abortion pills to women who are up to 10-weeks pregnant.

In an email to supporters, WWH stated the following about operations in South Bend:

“The Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend is working hard to prepare the clinic and staff for the upcoming expansion to offer in-clinic abortion procedures to 13.6 weeks LMP.” The email read.

This comes after the clinic was given a full license by Governor Eric Holcomb. The clinic has been involved in a federal lawsuit with the State of Indiana since 2018, after the state refused to issue the abortion provider a license due to its terrible reputation in other states. A federal judge ordered Indiana to treat WWH as if it had a provisional license until the litigation was settled. Governor Holcomb lied to legislatures, claiming that the Attorney General directed his office to issue the full license so the clinic could receive proper inspections.

Further, the email described other additions to the clinic’s facilities.

“In addition, thanks to grant funding, we recently installed new soundproof windows to protect our staff and patients from the stigmatizing rhetoric and noise from anti-abortion protestors. This Spring, we will replace and expand the parking lot to add an extra 6-7 parking spaces, as well as add a metal fence around the front of the property.” The email read.

While WWH claims the soundproof windows are to protect patients from peaceful pro-life demonstrators who regularly pray outside of the clinic, it seems they’re more than likely attempting to prevent patients from hearing the tactics used by clinic volunteers. Many of the volunteers, who call themselves “Deathscorts,” are self proclaimed Satanists and members of the terrorist Antifa group. You can watch videos of their aggressive tactics here.

One of the volunteers was recently investigated by the Capitol Police for nearly hitting Congresswoman Jackie Walorski with his car as she prayed outside of the clinic last year.

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