Bremen School Board Stops Prayer At Meetings After Attack From Satanic Organization

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BREMEN, Ind. — Bremen Public Schools Board of Trustees has cowered to an actual Satanic organization and has done away with the tradition of opening meetings with a prayer. This comes after the school district received a complaint initiated by the non-profit organization, Northern Indiana Atheists (NIA), demanding prayer at the meetings be stopped immediately.

The NIA used the Freedom From Religion Foundation to send a letter to the board in late January.

“Northern Indiana Atheists alerted us to the fact that Bremen Public Schools Board of School Trustees meetings open with prayer.” The letter reads in part. “We request that the board immediately refrain from including prayer as part of future meetings…”

“Since my hire nearly eight years ago, it has historically been the community norm to offer a prayer to start our Board meetings.” Bremen Public Schools Superintendent, James White, told RNM in a email. “While I knew such activities were technically ‘out of bounds’, I respected the tradition. However, upon receiving the complaint, the Board has elected to cease the practice.”

While Northern Indiana Atheists and its founder, Troy Moss, claims to be an atheist organization, it is heavily connected to the Satanic Temple. The organization assisted the Satanic Temple Indiana with a fundraiser called “Menstruatin’ with Satan.” The NIA also set up a Satanic holiday display at the County-City Building in Downtown South Bend this past year.

The NIA frequently attacks Christians and conservatives in schools and other publicly funded venues.

The NIA is also known to provide volunteers at the Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in South Bend, where they escort mothers inside to terminate their pregnancies. Those volunteers call themselves “deathscorts,” who frequently threaten and harass peaceful pro-life side-walk counselors and “prayer warriors.”

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  1. This is the natural consequence of freedom of religion, it ignores the real value of real religion and moral values. A government has to make laws and those laws have to be based on the natural law and the moral law. Every government will pick a religion to support, in the US that was materialism, and now it is sexual Marxism, it was never Christianity because the Founding Fathers were Masons, they purposely negated Christianity by making it equal to false religions. The government should only protect and support the true religion as an institution, while protecting those of other faiths from violence and coercion. The Catholic Faith teaches that conversion can never be forced. BUT error should never be protected or allowed to disseminate.

    The European countries once professed Catholicism, as the basis of their laws, so divorce was prohibited. King Henry broke away from real Christianity because he wanted a divorce, and that led to the slaughter of his wives. The US is also experiencing the natural consequences of not establishing Catholicism as the nation’s religion. While Catholicism is suffering for adopting Americanism into its praxis if not its dogma.

    A good book on the subject of the appropriate or ideal Church-State relations is John Courtney Murray, TIME/LIFE and the American Proposition: How the CIA’s Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church by David A. Wemhoff, a lawyer who did seven years of research into the subject.


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