REPORTS: SB Abortion Clinic Performs Illegal Abortions

Whole Woman's Health Abortion Clinic
Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic — Photo: Google Maps

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered two reports showing Whole Woman’s Health, a pill-only abortion clinic in South Bend, performed two illegal surgical abortions in late 2019. The reports, known as Terminated Pregnancy Reports, are filled out by the abortion provider and submitted to the Indiana Department of Child Services.

In both reports, the provider states that a Suction Curettage was performed. A suction curettage is a procedure in which a doctor manually opens the mother’s cervix with metal rods, inserts a plastic tube and vacuums out the unborn child.

Both documents also report complications with the procedures, showing that the mothers “retained products” following the illegal abortions.

RNM is working to find out if this is a reporting error or if the clinic faced any repercussions from the Indiana Department of Health.

RNM learned the clinic had not been receiving proper inspections since it opened. Several state lawmakers sent a letter to Governor Eric Holcomb in December outlining their concerns about the lack of inspections. The Governor then lied to the lawmakers, claiming he decided to give the clinic a full-license to operate in the state at the direction of the Indiana Attorney General so it could receive more inspections.

Since 2018, the State of Indiana had refused to give the clinic a license due to the organizations shady history in other states. Whole Woman’s Health sued the state and a federal judge ordered the clinic be able to operate provisionally until litigation was completed. That litigation is still ongoing.

Earlier this week, RNM discovered the clinic is actively planning to expand its operations to attempt to legally offer surgical abortions.

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