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Satanic Holiday Display Set Up At South Bend County-City Building

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A non-profit group that consistently promotes Satanism set up a “holiday display” promoting Satan next to a nativity scene in the lobby of the County-City Building in Downtown South Bend.

The display includes a rainbow colored tree with ornaments promoting things such as The Satanic Temple, anarchy and Black Lives Matter. The display also has a massive banner with the saying “Oh Come All Ye Faithless” and “Even Heathens Celebrate the Season!”

Another sign claims the display is a “Diversity and Inclusion Holiday Tree,” further stating “Our holiday tree reflects the diversity in our communities and inclusion of the many cultures and perspectives celebrated during the season.” However, the tree also seems to make fun of some cultures and religions. One ornament says “Merry Pastafarian Greetings,” appearing to be an insult to the Jamaican religion, Rastafarian. Below that ornament is another one with what looks like a monster made of spaghetti and meatballs.

The organization responsible for the display is the Northern Indiana Atheists, a group that often promotes Satanism. The NIA has held several online fundraisers called “Menstruatin’ with Satin.” The NIA also helps support the murder of the unborn by providing “escorts” at the local abortion clinic who attack and scream at pro-life sidewalk counselors outside of the facility.

According to county officials, the satanic group showed up at the County-City Building and began to set up the display earlier this month or in late November. A maintenance man called up to an administrator for the County Commission who then called an attorney to see how they should proceed. Since a nativity scene was already on display, the attorney told the county officials they needed to allow the group to put up the Satanic tree.

The NIA was supposed to submit proper requests and paperwork for permission. It is unclear if that was ever submitted. RNM is working to get that documentation.

County officials tell RNM they are working on creating a better process for requests and approval of future displays.

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  1. Pastafarian is a play on the word “Rastafarian” but only because “rasta” happens to rhyme with “pasta”. It is fake religion the purpose of which is to suggest that all supernatural religious positions amount to God of the gaps arguments. They claim that belief in the Abrahamic God is about as rational as believing in a Flying Spaghetti Monster, thus the reference to pasta.

  2. Defense for satan? Your defending Satan………..you defend satan. Gotta see that in writing, never thought I would. Free will isn’t from satan it’s from the God of lucifer……. jealous sad lucifer (God’s favored Angel). Go ahead with your free will. Satin can’t give or take free will. Satan is dead, but evil continues.


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