SJC County Commissioners Vote For New District Maps AGAIN

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In response to a lawsuit from the Democrat run St. Joseph County Council, the Republican controlled St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners voted 2-1 to approve a compromised set of redistricted commissioner maps. Legal representation for the Commissioners stated the compromised maps were a product of mediation between the Council and Commissioners.

Below is a picture of the newly drawn district maps.

Below is a picture of the previous map approved in November of 2021

Below is a picture of the districts prior to the redistricting process.

The St. Joseph County Council is now planning to vote on a set of council maps that fit within the newly passed Commissioner districts. That meeting is scheduled for this evening. If approved, the compromised maps will be presented to a judge for further approval.

The new map proposal will throw a wrench in some political campaigns, as candidate filing has already passed. Some candidates may be drawn out of the districts in which they plan to run. Because of that, filing will be extended if the council passes their new maps this evening.

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