Teacher fired for participating in pro-Hamas rally

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher Daniel Fischer attempts to hide his identity as he rallies in support of the Hamas terrorist organization

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned a local teacher lost his weekend teaching job for his participation in a pro-Hamas rally in Downtown South Bend earlier this month, in which attendees openly stated they were happy nearly 1,500 Jews had been killed in a terrorist attack in Israel. Daniel Fischer was reportedly fired from his Saturday Torah and Jewish Ethics teaching position at a local Synagogue.

According to an open letter from a radical leftist organization attempting to get Fischer reinstated to his position, Sinai Synagogue sent the following to its congregation on October 12th.

“Sinai Synagogue, and FEAST as its education program stand with Israel… Our teachers must be united in this and must reflect that in their work at the shul and especially outside in the community. Therefore, we had no choice but to release a teacher from his employment at FEAST effective immediately.” The letter to Sinai Synagogue stated, according to Jewish Voice for Peace.

Fischer attended the pro-Hamas rally in Downtown South Bend on Wednesday, October 11th. Fischer is also currently a 6th grade Social Studies teacher in the South Bend Community School Corporation.

Fischer covered most of his face while at the rally and even participated in news interviews using a fake name. In interviews with ABC57 and WSBT, Fisher claimed his name was Pawel Rogalski. RNM was able to confirm Fischer’s true identity through tips from readers. He is listed as a 6th Grade Social Studies teacher on the Lasalle Middle School website.

RNM also spoke to Fischer, who initially approached us claiming to be Jewish. When RNM asked what he thought about Jewish babies being killed by Hamas in Israel on October 7th, Fischer dodged the question by hurling insults at the reporter.

“I think I have better things to do than talk to a Fascist like you.” Fisher said.

“Fascist? These are the real Nazis.” RNM responded while pointing to the crowd of pro-Hamas supporters. “They’re trying to exterminate the Jews.”

RNM spoke to several other pro-Hamas protesters at the rally. One man who identified himself as Ali Farah told RNM he was happy about the deaths of 1,400 innocent Jews in Israel during a terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7th.

Jewish Voice for Peace, which despite its name is a radical anti-Israel and Jewish organization, is demanding Sinai Synagogue reinstate Fischer to his teaching position.

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