Mishawaka Council Candidate has alleged drug dealer assist in campaign

From Left to Right: Carissa Squadroni and Lacy Hahn — Photo: Facebook

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned Democrat At Large Mishawaka Common Council Candidate Lacy Hahn is using an alleged drug dealer to assist in her campaign through door knocking and sign distribution. The surrogate is a woman who almost exclusively promotes the use of psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana on her social media accounts, frequently appearing to solicit the sale of the drugs which are illegal in Indiana.

“All Mishawaka residents!!! Helping my bff Lacy Hahn finish putting her signs in yards today for city council!!!” Carissa Squadroni, who goes by Rebel Ann Rhiannon, posted to Facebook on October 10th. “Please let me know if you would let us put one in your yard!!!”

Squadroni appears to have an obsession with hallucinogenic drugs, frequently promoting the use and apparent sale of psilocybin mushrooms.

“Who wants to go on a healing journey this weekend?? Holla!!!” Squadroni posted to Facebook with an advertisement for mushroom chocolates, which is a popular way of ingesting the drugs. It seems nearly every other post, aside from campaign messages for Hahn, mentions or promotes drug abuse.

Hahn is currently a member of the West End Neighborhood Watch. That area of Mishawaka is known to have a higher problem with drug possession and abuse than the majority of the city. Hahn was also recently endorsed by Democrat St. Joseph County Sheriff Bill Redman.

On Wednesday, RNM published a story regarding Hahn’s own history of alcohol related crimes and social media posts seeming to lie and make light of a previous DUI. It appears Hahn used Squadroni to go on an unhinged libelous and defamatory social media campaign, falsely calling RNM journalist Clifton French a woman and child beater, among other things.

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