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South Bend’s criminal “machine gun” problem

Glock “switch” — Photo: mynbc15.com

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has obtained several arrest records of criminals and known gang members in South Bend being in possession of “machine guns,” or fully automatic weapons. The most recent arrest was just 3 days ago. It turns out, all of them have been able to convert a normal, semi-automatic Glock pistol into an automatic weapon with a cheap aftermarket part known as a “switch.” These parts are available to them on the internet for as little as $10 a pop.

Since August, RNM has uncovered 6 arrests of criminals who were in possession of the converted pistols. In August, police arrested Chekir Bowers, 22, Breanna Hawkins, 21, and Darnell Galloway, 22, with a converted Glock pistol. Bowers is a known member of the violent Westside gang and was the target of an investigation by the SBPD gang unit known as the Group Violence Taskforce.

In September, police arrested Nicholas Fairchild, 20, after a traffic stop. Fairchild was in possession of a converted Glock pistol along with a loaded 50 round drum magazine. Fairchild was out of jail on a pending robbery case at the time of his arrest.

On December 12th, South Bend Police arrested Nagomba White, 20, for being in possession of a Glock with a “switch” device after a traffic stop. Officers also found a high capacity drum magazine in the vehicle.

And, on January 2nd of this year, police in Mishawaka arrested Marko Mosgrove, 24, who was in possession of a converted Glock. According to arrest documents, Mosgrove fled the scene of a traffic stop and was attempting to grab the automatic weapon during a physical fight with officers.

It turns out, the modified Glocks have been a major problem with gangs and criminals across the country. The ATF has made it a priority to help get them off of the street. Most of the small parts are being purchased on the internet from places like Russia and China and are not being manufactured by Glock itself. Below is video of an ATF demonstration of how the weapons fire after being converted.

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  1. $5 says that that ATF NEVER looks in to these cases.
    Because if they did that may get called RAAACIST.

    Its a much better use of the ATF’s time to do “check ups” on law abiding gun owners. You know to “make sure they still have all their guns.”

    Quick tip to all law abiding patriots / citizens:
    Only buy 1 gun at a time so you don’t get a “multiple sale” report filled with the ATF.
    If you are not in the know, look up “ATF Agents Going Door to Door” on the YouTubes.


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