WATCH: Pro-Hamas activist says he’s happy Jews were murdered during rally in South Bend

Pro-Hamas activist celebrates the murders of Jewish women and children at a rally in Downtown South Bend on Wednesday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A pro-Hamas activist in South Bend said he is happy Jewish babies were killed and beheaded in Israel by Hamas terrorists over the weekend. The comments came during a pro-Palestinian rally in Downtown South Bend on Wednesday that was attended by members of Black Lives Matter South Bend, Notre Dame and other Democrat activists. Several members of Antifa were also in attendance to provide security.

“Are you happy about the Jews being killed?” RNM asked the protester.

“Yes.” The man, who identified himself as Ali Farah, responded.

“You’re happy about the Jews being Killed?” RNM said again.

“Go fuck yourself.” The man responded.

REAL News Michiana’s Clifton French attended the rally for approximately 20 minutes in an attempt to ask all of the attendees about their stance on the terrorist attacks in Israel that they appeared to be celebrating. French was hounded by local members of Antifa, including Tonna Robinson, who used an umbrella to attempt to prevent him from getting video of attendees. One Antifa member became physically aggressive with the journalist for a short time.

The video was uploaded to Youtube on Wednesday evening, but the platform removed it for violating “hate speech” policies at 2:00am on Thursday. You can watch the entire 16 minute interaction posted to Rumble.

The Palestinian activists also consistently called for the complete destruction of the Israeli state, chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” This is a chant demanding all of the Jewish people be eliminated from the land of Israel.

The rally, which was promoted by the South Bend chapter of Black Lives Matter, along with several other factions of the St. Joseph County Democrat Party, was a planned celebration of the terror attacks in Israel that resulted in the deaths of more than 1,200 Jews, mainly civilians. Thousands of Hamas terrorists stormed parts of Israel over the weekend, killing women, children and the elderly. In one area, Hamas terrorists murdered approximately 40 babies in a nursery — cutting the heads off of several of the infants. Dozens of Americans were killed in the attacks. Hundreds of people were also taken hostage. A recent interrogation of a Hamas terrorist by Israeli forces shows the hostages, including children, are currently being raped by the terrorists.

An Antisemitic flyer being promoted by several of the groups, including BLM, falsely calls Israeli Jews “colonialist forces” while also falsely claiming Palestine is under attack. Israel is currently defending itself from the terrorists while Hamas uses its own civilians as human shields. Hamas has also taken several hostages, mostly women, whom are being continually raped by the terrorists.

RNM is attempting to identify all of the people in the video. If you have information on who any of these people are, please send a screenshot of their face and their name to

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