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Pro-abortion activists partner with hate group for rally — “Mourning the loss of Choice”

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The taxpayer funded hate group known as the IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center hosted a pro-abortion rally and meeting Monday evening. The rally was part of a state-wide effort to get pro-abortion zealots riled up prior to Indiana’s new abortion law, which was scheduled to take effect on August 1st. The law, which is a near-ban on all abortions, is once again delayed due to a last minute court filing by the ACLU.

Leading the rally was the Director of Pro-Choice South Bend, Karen Nemes. Nemes has been affiliated with self-identified local Antifa activists and has volunteered outside of the now closed Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in South Bend. Nemes and others would volunteer outside of the abortion facility to escort women inside to kill their unborn children. The “volunteers” called themselves “Deathscorts” and would wear shirts with the moniker on them. Nemes has been pictured wearing a “Thank God for Abortion” shirt outside of the facility as well.

One of Nemes associates was also investigated for nearly running over Congresswoman Jackie Walorski with his car as she prayed for the unborn outside of the facility in 2021.


The IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center is a vocal anti-white hate group that claims white supremacy has infiltrated everything in American society, including bird watching. On social media, the group has called white people anti-intellectual, dishonest, insurrectionists and anti-vaxers. The group also labels white people as violent. The IUSB CRHC also appears to be actively pushing against parental rights, while promoting pornography in public schools, abortion and trans activism.

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