PHM Schools celebrate hate group at board meeting

Picture of PHM High School students listening to a lecture at the IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center on February 24th.

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Officials with Penn Harris Madison Schools cheered on a local anti-white hate group during its latest school board meeting earlier this week. This comes after REAL News Michiana discovered nearly 30 students from Penn High School attended a field trip hosted by the radical group based out of IUSB.

On Monday night, a Penn High School student gave a short presentation to the board regarding the field trip hosted by the IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center. 28 students from Penn High School's Black Student Union attended the field trip on Friday of last week in which the stated goal was to teach students about the history of segregation in the area (a worthy lesson to learn), including the fight to desegregate a public pool. South Bend's Natatorium was fully or partially segregated for approximately 25 years in the 1920's until 1950 when it was completely desegregated nearly 75 years ago.

"This past Friday we were lucky enough to go to the IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center." The student said. "This field trip was very important to us because we learned a lot of things that we probably wouldn't have learned otherwise."

While the history of segregation in Michiana is important for students to learn, multiple parents have expressed concern about the group that partnered with PHM to teach the lesson. The IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center is a vocal anti-white hate group that claims white supremacy has infiltrated everything in American society, including bird watching. On social media, the group has called white people anti-intellectual, dishonest, insurrectionists and anti-vaxers. The group also labels white people as violent.

The IUSB CRHC also appears to be actively pushing against parental rights, while promoting pornography in public schools, abortion and trans activism.

RNM Reached out to PHM Superintendent Jerry Thacker and Director of Communications Lucha Ramey on Tuesday morning. After 24 hours, we still have not received a response. You can see a screenshot of the email sent below.

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