WATCH: TikTok Teacher Exploits Child with Learning Challenges

Jamie Paull, Former 4th Grade Teacher, Michigan City Schools

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — A Michigan City parent is raising concerns over disturbing videos of her son she discovered on TikTok. The videos were taken at Lake Hills Elementary School by teacher Jamie Paull, between April and June of the 2020-2021 school year. Many of the videos appear to be making fun of the child’s learning challenges, weight and race.

In one video, Mrs. Paull is working on teaching obtuse and acute angles. She alludes to a common way of remembering obtuse angles as being bigger by writing “I hope my chubbiness helps him to remember OBTUSE.” The child himself has some weight issues.

In another video, the teacher is showing the child sleeping while playing audio of President Biden talking about grocery store workers.

There’s also a video of the child holding fake money in what’s known as a money spread.

“Some of the thugs in the world, they do a money spread. I don’t teach that in my home. That’s not okay.” The parent told REAL News Michiana.

RNM is not identifying the child or his mother in order to protect the child’s identity as best as possible. However, RNM did speak to the child’s mother in detail about the incidents.

The parent tells RNM she didn’t discover the videos until two days after the school year ended. She says that’s when her son showed her a video of Mrs. Paull from TikTok saying the school decided not to renew her contract. Concerned about what was going on, she called Mrs. Paull herself to find out what had happened. That video can be seen below.

“I trusted the teacher, we had a good rapport.” The parent said. “She said she didn’t know why (she was being let go), but she thought it had something to do with PTO (personal time off) days.”

After that conversation, the parent decided to look through Mrs. Paull’s entire TikTok account.

“As I was scrolling through her page on TikTok, I counted my son on 16 to 17 videos.”

The parent tells RNM her son needed extra help because of his learning challenges, and even though nearly all of the students were virtual, this child was at school for 1-on-1 help.

“Technically it was just her and him in the class.” She said. “I trusted the teacher. I liked the teacher. I thought everything was fine.”

Since the discovery, the parent says she has been stonewalled by the school district in all of her attempts to get answers and accountability.

“I contacted the assistant superintendent. Probably within a week they had their attorney contact me. We sat down… I know how it goes, he (the attorney) was just trying to defend his company.” She said. “The attorney told me he would write up a report and pass it over to the school. I never heard anything from that.”

She also went to a school board meeting to discuss the issue.

“They cut me off. They said it was a personnel issue and wouldn’t let me speak.” She said.

The parent even filed a police report. However, she says, that has gone nowhere as well. RNM did discover the teacher’s husband is an officer with the Michigan City Police Department.

The parent is concerned the district is hoping to quietly brush the incident aside.

“There was no apology, nothing. Nothing.” She said. “It just seems like a cover up and they’re using this (not renewing her contract) as a way of pushing it under the rug.”

RNM reached out to school administrators. As of publication, we have not received any comment.

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