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5th Health Dept. head steps down following RNM story uncovering corruption

The county’s Maternal Infant Health Coordinator, Sally Dixon, resigned on June 20th

Sally Dixon, Former St. Joseph county Maternal Infant Health Coordinator — Photo: Hoosier Women Forward

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Another St. Joseph County Department of Health employee resigned following REAL News Michiana stories uncovering their political activism in the office. The county’s Maternal Infant Health Coordinator, Sally Dixon, resigned on June 20th.

In April, RNM published an investigative report showing former Health Officer, Robert Einterz, illegally gave Dixon a 47% raise without getting approval from the Board of Health or the St. Joseph County Council. Then, after paying the employee the inflated salary for months without the knowledge of any elected officials, the Department of Health requested more money to continue to fund the employee’s position.

It turns out, the Department of Health illegally raised Dixon’s salary from $27/hr to $39.61/hr as of January 1st. Dixon was paid through what’s called the Safety PIN (Protecting Indiana’s Newborns) grant. While money from the grant was supposed to last through much of 2023, the increase in Dixon’s salary meant all of the money for her position was spent last month. The Department of Health then requested money be transferred from other funds to make up the shortfall. The Department also asked for approval of the raise retroactive to January 1st, despite already paying Dixon the inflated salary without any approval.


There was some major controversy regarding Dixon’s position to begin with. While the Safety PIN grant is clear that it is meant to save the lives of babies (see below), Dixon has been a huge proponent of killing unborn children in her position.

Dixon was integral in the crafting of the Health Department’s pro-abortion stance sent out in a press release in June of 2022, after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. A copy of that release can be seen below.

Further, Dixon was also responsible for spearheading a “Birth Equity” seminar and study, in which she hired an out of state consultant/abortion activist to speak and give recommendations about phantom racist doctors causing black babies to die. It turns out, the consultant is a disgraced doctor who lost her medical license multiple times, practiced medicine illegally, was forced to step down as the health director of New Orleans and was sued for malpractice multiple times for killing a mother and a baby.

In response to justified criticism for the pro-abortion and racist “Birth Equity” seminar and study, Dixon wrote a gaslighting oped for the South Bend Tribune in which she claimed she was not a pro-abortion activist and CRT/political activism was not seeping into her role.

Dixon is the 5th St. Joseph county Department of Health employee to lose her job following REAL News Michiana stories. She joins Dr. Robert Einterz, Dr. Mark Fox, Cassy White and Taylor Coats.

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  1. Another thumbs up for Clifton. There are still a lot of swamp creatures in South Bend that need the disinfectant of sunlight.


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