SOURCES: Robert Einterz, disgraced County Health Officer, set to resign

Dr. Robert Einterz
Dr. Robert Einterz, Health Officer, St. Joseph County Department of Health

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Multiple sources tell REAL News Michiana that the disgraced leader of the St. Joseph County Health Department, Doctor Robert Einterz, is planning to resign in the near future. This comes as the county’s newest elected officials are about to take office, giving Republicans control over the County Council and County Commission for the first time in history. Sources tell RNM, the new county leaders plan on diving into several controversies that occured at the hands of Einterz in the past several years, including a coordinated attack against a local business that has led to a costly lawsuit.

Einterz has been at the center of several scandals during his tenure as the head of the Health Department. In a crazed and disgusting tangent discussing abortion during a St. Joseph County Board of Health meeting in July, Einterz made the claims that a board member’s 6-year-old son could rape the 9-year-old daughter of the board’s attorney.

One of the biggest scandals during his time at the Health Department is the illegal public health orders Einterz put into place for months. A judge eventually found that his orders for mandatory masking and fines were illegal, as a non-elected official could not unilaterally make policy decisions that would impact the entire community.

In July of 2021, an RNM investigation discovered Einterz and several Health Board members were breaking Indiana public records laws by holding secret meetings.

During the height of COVID, RNM published a story regarding one of Einterz’ employees stating she wished doctors would deny care to people who did not wear a mask or get the COVID vaccine. It does not appear the employee was ever disciplined for the remarks.

Einterz’ Health Department was also responsible for stretching data to justify closing churches during COVID.

RNM is working to find out exactly when Einterz will be stepping down and if this will have an impact on any investigations into his actions during his time at the St. Joseph County Department of Health.

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  1. Stepping down doesn’t excuse past illegal actions. I hope and pray the new administration holds him legally accountable for past actions. Or this will continue.

  2. I hope the door hits the doctor in the ass on his way out and he should be investigated and charged if the evidence supports it whether he is in office or gone! There is some serious house cleaning that needs be attended to in this county.


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