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Penn teacher fighting anti-CRT resolution received professional training on how to put CRT in classroom

Dawn Troyer, Penn High School English Teacher

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned a vocal opponent of an anti Critical Race Theory resolution started receiving professional training on how to implement CRT into the classroom as early as 2018. Dawn Troyer, a 34-year veteran English teacher at Penn High School, has voiced opposition to the resolution at the last two board meetings. The resolution has been proposed by multiple Penn Harris Madison School Board members.

RNM discovered Troyer attended one of the first regional CRT professional development workshops in Mishawaka in June of 2018. An agenda and attendance records from the “Whole Child Workshop” show Troyer enrolled in a session called “The Unexamined Whiteness of Schools: How Understanding Whiteness can Transform the Work of White Educators.” The following is a description pulled directly from the workshop schedule.

When we talk about race in schools, we usually talk about community members of Color. Rarely, though, do we talk about Whiteness. As an educator and scholar of Whiteness and teaching, Jamie Utt will help participants understand what Whiteness actually is (it’s probably not what you think) and will lead participants through a critical examination of how Whiteness is at play in the work of White educators. Finally, the workshop will empower White educators with tools for better understanding how they can craft more racially-conscious and anti-racist practices through understanding Whiteness.

Troyer attended another session pushing radical gender theory called “LGBTQ Cultural Competency Overview.”


The keynote speaker during the 2018 “Whole Child Workshop” event is one of the national leaders of pushing Critical Race theory into the classroom, Jamie Utt. Utt was ahead of the times when it comes to pushing Critical Race Theory tenets in public school education. In 2016, Utt published an article called “Race-Evasive White Teacher Identity Studies.” Utt also published an article in which Utt claims charter schools were founded by white supremacists in which Utt draws the research and conclusions from “critical race framework.”


Troyer first spoke in opposition to PHM’s anti-CRT resolution on May 22nd.

“You are throwing another (challenge) in our path.” Troyer said in her speech deriding board members for bringing up the resolution. “For me personally, it’s no longer a matter of considering my students and what’s best for them when I choose titles to teach. Instead, I must focus only on scrutinizing every page, every sentence, to ensure that the content won’t be seen through a questionable scope.”

“I hope that calmer heads will prevail and the board will continue to recognize the excellence of this corporations teachers, administration and parents by allowing them all to do their job, teachers to choose materials and teach.” She continued.

Earlier this week, Troyer spoke at a board meeting once again. This time she admitted that CRT had been taught before but it was not longer in the district.

“The only thing that can be pointed to is 2020 or 2021 documents and discussions and so forth.” Troyer said. “Nothing new is being brought up and there are no specific conversations happening in regards to what’s going on today.”

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  1. Thank you Mr. French for this investigation. I wish to be a calm head and appreciate Ms. Troyer’s teaching service, however, it is very concerning if any PHM teacher either seeks out CRT training or is compelled to do so by the administration.

    PHM has certified ‘they do not teach CRT in the classroom’! What does this mean if teachers get CRT training in professional development?


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