Mom who stopped attempted burglary has savage response to Dem. Party attacks claiming she went after innocent homeless man

South Bend City Clerk Candidate Tina Wilson (R) pictured with Congressman Rudy Yakym at the 2023 St. Joseph County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner — Photo: Facebook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — South Bend City Clerk Candidate Tina Wilson (R) responded to St. Joseph County Democrat Party lies and attacks regarding a recent incident in which she stopped an attempted burglary at her home. Two men who are living in a local homeless program, known as Motels 4 Now, were trespassing on her property and attempting to get into a window on her house when she confronted them last week. One of the men ran off. She held the other man at gunpoint until police arrived. Wilson’s two children, including one who is only 7-years-old, were home during the incident.

The Democrat Party sent out a newsletter falsely claiming one of the criminals who was attempting to break into her home was simply a homeless man who was taking a rest on the sidewalk before questioning why Wilson wasn’t arrested for protecting her family.

“Goodmorning friends! Long read but I need your support like never before. So please share because people need to hear the TRUTH!” Wilson wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.

“Today I read an article written by the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party Diana Hess where I was the first topic of discussion. I was immediately disgusted. I honestly can’t even believe this was typed out & credited as true when I do not even know this woman & never spoken to her a day in my life? So how can you write about ME, stating I lied? Last weeks event has sent me through various emotions. I’ve been more triggered by the events after more than the event itself. Hearing the news say words like, “allegedly” & refusing to call the situation what it really was so we will say “trespassing” instead. All to protect a failing program instead of protecting the victims in the neighborhood that has to live with the results of a failing program. Ms. Diana do we really think I would put my kids through this trauma all for political gain? Or is this another case of criminalizing the victim because it doesn’t fit your narrative you try to force us to believe? This is why many people feel the black woman is the most unprotected in our country. This is why we have a majority of citizens who feel they cannot TRUST our government. I’m not sure how it’s stated I pulled a firearm on a man resting on my sidewalk with medical conditions. Ma’am, I have no sidewalks in my backyard. I’ve also included the photos taken the police were also able to see on site. You can CLEARLY see my bushes are pressed against my home. You can CLEARLY see the drag marks of his feet because he had to crawl underneath. You can see the way my bushes are at no point should ANYONE be in there. Ma’am that is not a place where you take a nap. And it sure isn’t a sidewalk. When I found an intruder in my space, I didn’t think to stop and give him a questionnaire. Honestly, his medical condition does not take away my right and ability to protect my home and my family. The “nap” that you are speaking of is the photo I took after he rolled from one side of my yard to the other trying to get away before the police arrived. He stopped to “act” like all he was doing was taking a nap. I apologize I was not able to record in real-time the entire event that I went through. I was too busy protecting myself, & my children. Honestly I didn’t think I’d have to work so hard to prove what happened. I felt myself and my two children seeing it happen was enough. But was it….?? Was it enough? Apparently NO! It’s trespassing because his friend I witnessed attempting to get in my window got away. This gentleman decided to hide. Was I alarmed? YES! Did I feel unsafe? Absolutely! This situation doesn’t get an alternative point of view. I have a right to protect my space. I’m asking that you call things what they really are. Call me the victim here. Call it attempted burglary. You do not get to criminalize me in attempt to keep pushing a false narrative how the Motels 4Now has fixed the homeless issue in our community. When in fact it hasn’t fixed anything. It just changed the location where the problem exist. Ms. Diana is our neighborhood not as important to protect as downtown was? Are our homes, & the people that live in them not as valuable to have the same peace of mind as the residents near downtown? Would the businesses suffering from multiple break ins in my area, are they lying too? The many people who get their cars, homes, property broken into consistently, are they lying too? Are the several police calls, over 1000 since the program started mid year 2020 are those lies as well? The three drug overdoses that happened that same day at the motel, shall we have dialogue about that? You should be ashamed. As a woman you know first hand how we are significantly more susceptible to being victimized with crime or bodily harm. So it’s shameful that you would write such statements. I’m a mother before I am anything. The fact that you think I would put children through this all for political gain shows me how detached you and anyone within your party that agrees with you are from the issues that exist in my community. I whole heartedly pray you take a moment to find your morals and common decency because I fear you may have lost them. And we cannot afford leaders in our community that chooses to hide the real issues. And criminalize the victims that has to deal with the consequences of the choices being made. You do not get to silence me. You do not get to determine my truth.”

Wilson posted the following pictures to go along with her response.

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  1. Interesting that Broadcastify has blocked access to SBPD scanner traffic archives during the alleged timeframe.


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