“They socially transitioned her without our knowledge” — Parent describes Elkhart School’s secret transing of child

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ELKHART, Ind. — Following a REAL News Michiana story uncovering the policy of Elkhart Community Schools to hide the gender transitioning of children from their parents, a mother reached out to RNM to describe how the school district not only hid the child’s wish to change her name and pronouns, but actively pushed the child into the transgender world and ideology.

RNM is not naming the child, her parents or the specific schools in an attempt to protect the child’s identity.

“They socially transitioned her without our knowledge.” The mother told RNM.

According to the mother, the child started dabbling in gender ideology online when she was very young. However, she was in the process of socially transitioning for at least a year before they discovered what was going on. According to the parent, that all started with a guidance counselor at her child’s middle school giving the 12 or 13-year-old girl online resources to “investigate gender identity.”

“They were definitely not helping the situation and doing things against our wishes.” The mother said. “I’m not sure they were doing anything intentionally malicious, but it was all done without our knowledge and consent.”

It wasn’t until the child was in high school that the parents discovered what was happening to their daughter. Last year the parents received a phone call from one of the child’s teachers. During the call, the teacher was using a male name for their daughter and they/them pronouns.

“We immediately decided to schedule a meeting with the principal of (the school).” The parent explained. “The principal says they try not to use pronouns and they will always use nicknames if requested.”

That meeting happened toward the end of the school year. Hoping not to make a spectacle or embarrass their daughter with only a few weeks left in school, the mother says they came up with a plan with the principal; let the child finish the year using the name and pronouns she chose and would switch back to her legal name the following school year, hoping the child would also grow out of the phase.

The following year, the parents were under the assumption that their child was using her legal name at school. Then, the mother found the child’s school ID with a different name printed on it.

“It was a gender ambiguous name. Just a made up name that appears more male than female.” The mother said.

Since that time, the parents have pulled their child from public schools. However, their child is still immersed in the gender ideology.

“She’s our kid. We love her.” The mother said. “It’s like she’s in a cult. We (the parents) ignore it for the most part. We try to get her to have new friends and plant seeds to see if something sticks. But, it’s impossible to tell someone they’re in a cult when they’re in it. We just don’t want to see her hurt.”


Earlier this week, RNM published a story highlighting documents showing Elkhart Community Schools actively hide the gender transition of children from their parents. According to Elkhart Schools policy regarding “LBGTQ advocacy” any child older than 12-years-old will be called by the name of their choosing. However, in order to hide the information from the parents or guardians of the children, only the child’s legal name will be used on any documents.

RNM was provided documents showing this policy from an anonymous source. RNM was then able to verify its authenticity from multiple other sources within the school district.

The Elkhart Schools policy regarding child name changes is laid out in an agenda from the Social Worker Collaborative of Elkhart County (SWC) from March 11th of last year. The SWC is a collaborative group of social workers from schools across Elkhart County.

In the agenda regarding “LBGTQ advocacy,” the SWC describes multiple policies at area schools. While the policy is to honor the request of a gender name change by children older than 12 in Elkhart, Concord Schools’ policy involves contacting a parent to set up a meeting.

“Concord schools. If a student contacts a teacher and asks to be called by a different name or pronoun, the teacher contacts the principal, and the principal sets up a parent meeting.” The agenda reads.

“Elkhart Schools. If they are over 12 and ask to be called by a different name they honor it. However, on all documents they need to use the legal name.” The agenda continues.

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