Elkhart Schools policy hides gender transition of kids from parents

ELKHART, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered documents showing Elkhart Community Schools actively hide the gender transition of children from their parents. According to Elkhart Schools policy regarding “LBGTQ advocacy” any child older than 12-years-old will be called by the name of their choosing. However, in order to hide the information from the parents or guardians of the children, only the child’s legal name will be used on any documents.

RNM was provided documents showing this policy from an anonymous source. RNM was then able to verify its authenticity from multiple other sources within the school district.

The Elkhart Schools policy regarding child name changes is laid out in an agenda from the Social Worker Collaborative of Elkhart County (SWC) from March 11th of last year. The SWC is a collaborative group of social workers from schools across Elkhart County.

In the agenda regarding “LBGTQ advocacy,” the SWC describes multiple policies at area schools. While the policy is to honor the request of a gender name change by children older than 12 in Elkhart, Concord Schools’ policy involves contacting a parent to set up a meeting.

“Concord schools. If a student contacts a teacher and asks to be called by a different name or pronoun, the teacher contacts the principal, and the principal sets up a parent meeting.” The agenda reads.

“Elkhart Schools. If they are over 12 and ask to be called by a different name they honor it. However, on all documents they need to use the legal name.” The agenda continues.

The SWC appears to have between 20-30 area school social workers attending their meetings nearly every month.

RNM received hundreds of pages of documents regarding Critical Race Theory training and radical Gender Theory policies at Elkhart Schools. RNM is currently digging through all of them and will publishing several more stories regarding our findings.

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