GOP unveils historically diverse ticket for South Bend races

South Bend Municipal Candidates from left to right: Roosevelt Stewart, Sonia Perez, Heidi Bell, Tina Wilson, Desmont Upchurch

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County GOP unveiled its ticket for the 2023 South Bend municipal races at the St. Joseph County Clerk’s Office this morning — showcasing the most diverse ticket in South Bend’s history for any party. The ticket includes two black men, one black woman, a hispanic woman, a Jewish man and a mixed race woman from Germany.

MAYOR: Desmont Upchurch is running for Mayor. Upchurch is a retired Army Veteran.

CITY CLERK: Tina Wilson is running for City Clerk. Wilson is a South Bend native and small business owner. She has been the owner and operator of Oshun Beauty Bar for the past 4 years.

SOUTH BEND COMMON COUNCIL DISTRICT 2: Roosevelt Stewart is running for Common Council District 2. Stewart is the owner of a non-profit youth development and conflict resolution organization called Youth with Vision. Stewart is also an Assistant Pastor at the Lord's House of Shepherds Church. Stewart is also a landlord in the district, with multiple rental properties. He has lived in District 2 for 14 years.

SOUTH BEND COMMON COUNCIL DISTRICT 3: Sonia Perez is running for Common Council District 3. Perez is a Community Outreach Coordinator at La Casa. Prior to that, she was a Spanish interpreter for Beacon Health. She has lived in the district for 15 years.

SOUTH BEND COMMON COUNCIL AT-LARGE: Heidi Bell is running for an At-Large seat on the Common Council. Bell is the daughter of an Air Force veteran father and a German mother. She was born in the United States, but was raised in Germany. She is currently a Long Term Care Manager at REAL Services. She has lived in South Bend since 1993.

SOUTH BEND COMMON COUNCIL DISTRICT 5: Eli Wax is running in his first election for the Common Council District 5 seat since being caucused into the position 3 years ago. He took over the seat after Jake Teshka stepped down when he was elected to the State House of Representatives. Wax is an attorney at AAK Law.

"The Republican party represents the working class and working family. We are the party of possibilities." St. Joseph County GOP Chair, Tyler Gillean, said. "These candidates were not recruited based on their skin color. These candidates are the closest to the problems in our districts and community and because of that, they are closer to the solution. After 50 years of uni-party rule and stagnation, a new era is beginning, committed to change, reform and growth. These outstanding candidates are stepping up to empower our residents to be the best versions of themselves and will change South Bend for the better."

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