SJC Public Health Dir.: “Wish we could deny care” for No Mask, Vax

Facebook/Robin Vida, Director of the St. Joseph County Health Outreach, Promotion and Education Department with Pete Buttigieg in Washington D.C.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered a disturbing social media post from one of St. Joseph County’s Public Health Directors. In the post, Robin Vida tells a man she wishes “we could deny care” to him if he became sick from COVID-19 because he did not wear a mask or get vaccinated. Vida is the Director of the county’s Health Outreach, Promotion & Education Department (HOPE). She has also been put in charge to spearhead some vaccination efforts.

In the post, which you can see below, a man is responding to a news story updating mask mandates in the county.

“No mask. No Vaccine. I have been doing as I please and will continue to do so.” The man writes.

Vida, who goes by Robin Ann on Facebook, responds by saying, “awesome! Wish we could deny care to you when you become ill and need a hospital! Our right… lucky for you doesn’t work that way…”

RNM called the HOPE office in the County-City Building, Vida’s cell phone and sent her a text message. Vida has not responded, but as you can see in the screenshot below, she has seen the message.

RNM also sent an email to Vida, the county’s Director of Human Resources and the county attorney. Below is a copy of the email and questions sent.

Human Resources Director, Kimberly Karkiewicz responded with the following emailed statement:

Mr. French,

In response to your inquiry, we are providing the County’s Social Media Policy. Based on what can be observed from the digital photo you provided, comments were not posted on a County owned web page, or other County owned or sponsored social media site, and would therefore not be considered a violation of County policy. 

As for the Salary for the Position – Director of HOPE, budgeted for 2020 and 2021 at $51,510 annually.

This story has been updated to include additional information


  1. “awesome! Wish we could deny care to you when you become ill and need a hospital! Our right… lucky for you doesn’t work that way…”

    No, in fact it works almost exactly the opposite way. You get sick from the vaccine, you get no compensation from the manufacturer, even if it is because of gross negligence. Congress gave legal immunity to the vaccine manufacturers and their white-coat peddlers in 1986.

  2. The County needs to re-examine their social media policy. The County needs to hold their employees to a stricker standard when they are posting negative comments!


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