REAL PoV: A vote for Diego Morales means safeguarding our elections and more


Diego Morales, Republican candidate for Indiana Secretary of State

WRITTEN BY: Ed Simcox, Indiana Secretary of State from 1978 to 1986 and Todd Rokita, Indiana Secretary of State from 2002 to 2010

The Indiana Secretary of State is our Chief Elections Officer, who oversees a
fundamental pillar of our democracy – free and honest elections. Safeguarding these
elections ensures each Hoosier voter can confidently cast their ballot, knowing the
process is fair, secure and grounded in integrity. Having served in the office for a
combined 16 years, we know this to be true.

Hoosier votes fill the House and Senate chambers with lawmakers to guide public policy
and elect a governor to lead our state. They choose county sheriffs to keep our
communities safe and seat the local school board to make education decisions for our
children. These are just a few of the public offices on the ballot each election year.
This year, a vote for Diego Morales for Indiana Secretary of State is a vote to keep our
elections running smoothly and securely and our economy one of the most business
friendly in the nation. A vote for Diego will maintain strong Hoosier values in the third
highest-ranking office in our state government.

In other states, we have watched as leaders overrule sound election practices to
achieve a partisan advantage. Lawsuits and investigations drug on for months after
election day. Not in Indiana. Our last general election ran smoothly. Strong cooperation
among the Indiana governor, the Secretary of State and 92 county clerks prevented our
state from slipping into this troubling pattern.

A vote for Diego Morales is a vote to continue sound administration of elections at all
levels of government, where collaboration and longstanding, trusted partnerships are
maintained and prioritized. He is thankful for the leadership in Indiana and looks forward
to serving alongside stakeholders who come together to secure our elections.

Since 2016, election officials in Indiana have implemented important safeguards such
as multi-factor authentication for county election officials, intrusion detection and
prevention systems, voter-verifiable paper audit trails, and risk-limiting audits, among
other protections. We have conducted safe and secure elections over and over again,
where every eligible voter can vote, and only legal votes are counted.

Under Diego’s administration, Hoosiers would remain confident that their vote is
counted. During former Secretary of State Todd Rokita’s administration, Indiana became the first state in the nation to pass and implement photo ID laws. To further
improve Indiana elections, Diego proposes applying these photo ID requirements to
absentee voting. Additionally, he will update antiquated voting equipment with advanced
machines that feature paper backup systems, making it easier to conduct audits when

And while elections are a huge part of the role, the Secretary of State’s office also
houses additional divisions ripe for innovation. The Secretary of State oversees the
chartering of new businesses, regulation of securities, commissioning of notaries public,
registration of trademarks, licensing of vehicle dealerships and oversight of candidate

Diego sees the office as critical to continuing Indiana’s tradition of being the No. 1
choice for starting and growing a business. INBiz, the Secretary of State’s one-stop
resource for registering and maintaining a business, has become a backbone of the
Hoosier economy. It promotes entrepreneurial prosperity and reduces red tape. Since
its inception, INBiz has brought in millions of dollars for the state, created jobs and
allowed Hoosiers to easily open, manage and grow their businesses. In a time of economic uncertainty, it is essential to continue this momentum and support Hoosier business owners. Diego has plans to expand INBiz’s offerings because, as a small business owner, Diego understands the unique and emerging needs of entrepreneurs and our state’s business community.

That’s why a vote for Diego Morales is a vote to continue on the path of hard work and
ingenuity from one of our state’s highest elected offices. Diego is a proven leader with
the moral and fiscal integrity to move the office forward, while embracing and building
upon its strong legacy.

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