Shame on Politicians Who Voted Themselves YUGE Raises

SJC County Council
St. Joseph County Council deliberates allowing public comment at a special meeting in November 2021

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — Less than one year ago, when Bidenflation was just starting to take hold and punish hard working taxpaying St. Joseph County citizens, the democrats on the St. Joseph County Council voted themselves significant raises – approximately 56%. It is noteworthy that every single democrat voted to give themselves the raise and every single Republican voted against the raise. Even the local legacy print media outlet wrote about this shocking raise.

The St. Joseph County Commissioners collectively displayed better judgment and
vetoed this foolhardy attempt to spend taxpayer money on personal raises. But alas, the
County council, in a maneuver that might even make Paul and Nancy Pelosi blush, – with
democrat office holders again voting to approve their own raises – overrode the
Commissioners’ veto.

In retrospect, the St. Joseph County Council may have acted prudently – these
democrat political leaders now have additional money to pay for $5 or even $6 per gallon
gasoline while many of the taxpayers who are paying for the outrageous raise struggle to
fill their tank and their children’s tummies. Remember this voters.

— Pual Itzer, Dissatisfied Tax-Paying Citizen Voter

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