Felon turned activist kicked out of Section 8 Voucher Program

Vernado Malone Twitter Picture
Federally Convicted Con Man/Activist, Vernado Malone — Photo: Twitter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned convicted felon and career con man turned activist, Vernado Malone, has been kicked out of the Section 8 Voucher Program for low income housing assistance. According to records obtained by RNM, Malone was not paying his portion of rent. He has since filed a lawsuit against the South Bend Housing Authority claiming his non-payment history is not true. However, Malone is lifelong liar with a lengthy criminal history to prove it.

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Malone, who is the founder of the non-profit Justice for Michiana, is a career conman who spent several years in federal prison for numerous fraud related crimes, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from organizations like the American Red Cross.

Justice for Michiana was designed to help the families of homicide victims pay for funeral costs. However, Malone used his position to go into a local funeral home where he took full-body nude photographs of the deceased. He would then share those photos with random people, including the families of other victims where he would claim to be a detective or investigator in order to win over their business. The Indiana Attorney General opened up an investigation into this case and multiple families filed lawsuits against Malone earlier this year.

RNM also uncovered an incident in which Malone used his position to attempt to pressure a woman in need into having sex with him.

Malone also owes approximately $10,000 in attorney fees to a woman who was recently granted a Protection Order against him.

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