CAUGHT ON CAM: SJC Elected Officials Joke About “Buying P***y”

SJC Council Vice President Robert “Bobby” Kruszynski, SJC Commissioner Derek Dieter, South Bend Common Council President Sharon McBride

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has obtained security video showing St. Joseph County Commissioner Derek Dieter making jokes with a homeless man about paying for sex. Also in the video are two other elected officials from St. Joseph County. South Bend Common Council President, Sharon McBride, and County Council Vice President, Robert “Bobby” Kruszynski, are seen and heard laughing along with the joke.

Dieter is a Republican. McBride and Kruszynski are both Democrats.

“Where’s all that money I f***ing loaned you, motherf***er?” Dieter is heard saying to the homeless man.

“Man I spent it!” The man responds. “I done drunk it up… and I ate it up and drunk it up.”

“Still going to buy your p***y?” Dieter says.

“No, I get that on credit!” The man responds.

“Alright. Alright.” Dieter says.


The video, time stamped from February 11th, is from security cameras at the old Madison Center psychiatric hospital at 701 N. Niles Avenue in South Bend.

The Madison Center has been at the center of controversy as it was secretly turned into housing for the homeless. There have been several questions about zoning and the legality of its current operations along with neighborhood concerns, as covered by several news outlets including WSBT. The South Bend Tribune reported about the potential illegal funneling of money into the center from other homeless charities last month.

It appears the three elected officials were looking into those reported issues when they were captured on the security video.

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