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UPDATE: Elkhart Councilman supports family that burned baby, buried body

Aaron Mishler, Elkhart City Councilman — Photo: Ballotpedia

ELKHART, Ind. — An Elkhart City Councilman is using a case in which a 17-year-old girl and her mother burned the body of a baby, then buried it, to show why abortion should be legal well after the point of viability. Elkhart City Councilman Aaron Mishler shared a story on social media about the case out of Nebraska with the caption “This is the big government that the Indiana Republican Party wants.”

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According to news reports, Nebraska has a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. The 17-year-old girl was 23-weeks pregnant when her mother purchased several abortion pills to induce labor. The 17-year-old took the pills, gave birth and then burned the body of the baby with the help of her mother. The 17-year-old, her mother and a 22-year-old man then took the remains and buried them.

When initially questioned by investigators, the 17-year-old and her mother claimed the teenager had a miscarriage and gave birth to a stillborn. Investigators then spoke to the 22-year-old man who told investigators what really happened.

As is fairly common when investigating crimes, investigators obtained a search warrant for the social media accounts of the people involved. Facebook messages revealed several details about the plot to kill the baby and dispose of it.

Mishler has since taken the post down. He then made a post on the REAL News Michiana Facebook page claiming he didn’t know the context of the incident and lambasted us for not contacting him prior to publication. However, Mishler had blocked RNM on multiple platforms, restricting our ability to question him. RNM cannot even respond to his post directly because of the restrictions he’s placed on the account.

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  1. Take note that Councilman Aaron Mishler is Jewish. Mishler is defending his religious beliefs when he defends abortion. Over forty Jewish organizations have opposed the overturning of Roe v Wade, stating things like “forcing someone to carry a pregnancy that they do not want … is a violation of Jewish law….” (NPR June 26, 2022) In Florida, the Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor is suing Florida for its ban on abortion after 15 weeks because “it imposes ‘the law of other religions upon Jews.'” (Joe Hernandez, “Some Jewish groups…” NPR).

    Religion cannot be left out of this debate because human laws are based on Divine laws. Is it reasonable to allow a Satanist or porn star to write laws or teach our children? Neither is it reasonable to elect politicians who hold views that contradict Christian beliefs because innocent lives will be lost. Black, Hispanic, White unborn infants (gentiles) should not be punished for Jewish crimes, particularly the continued rejection of the Son of God.


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