Mike Castellon Announces GOP Candidacy for St. Joseph County Assessor

Mike Castellon, Republican Candidate for St. Joseph County Assessor

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — With property taxes soaring 10-50 percent across St. Joseph County due to recent assessments, Republican Mike Castellon announced today that he will be running on the Republican ticket for the St. Joseph County Assessor’s Office. Castellon, who has been the Penn Township Assessor for the past 12 years, announced he is withdrawing his candidacy for reelection in that seat and now has his eye at the county level.

“Our county is facing a challenging time that requires proven leadership and experience.” Castellon said. “These qualities are paramount to the effectiveness of any assessor’s office.”

“The assessor’s office should have trained staff and the necessary tools to provide the taxpayer clear evidence in support of their assessment value. Over the last decade, I embraced an open door policy with the willingness to obtain the necessary tools to provide real-time results to Penn Township. As your elected official, I personally review every appeal myself, resulting in a zero backlog in appeals. To provide the same level of service, it’s clear that we need experience at the county level.” Castellon continued.

Castellon will be facing off against Democrat Ted Booker in the November general election. Booker has been a Deputy Assessor for Elkhart County since 2019. Prior to that, he was a Staff Writer for the South Bend Tribune and various other papers.

Current St. Joseph County Assessor, Democrat Rosemary Mandrici, announced she will not run for reelection. Assessed values and property taxes skyrocketed under her leadership.

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