POLICE: South Bend Man Took Videos of Naked Child with Hidden Camera in Bathroom

Sergio Fernandez, Mugshot — St. Joseph County Jail

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Detectives arrested a 43-year-old South Bend man accused of putting a hidden camera in a bathroom to record a young girl taking showers and getting dressed. According to court documents, Sergio Fernandez had up to 13 videos of the naked child on his cell phone at one time.

REAL News Michiana is not naming the child or her relationship to Fernandez in order to protect her identity. However, Fernandez was trusted by the child and her family and had access to her bathroom to set up the camera.

According to court documents, the child discovered the videos on Fernandez’ phone herself when she asked to borrow it to do some homework in December of 2020. The child and her mother reported the incident to police the very next day. Fernandez denied taking the videos or possessing them. When police did an initial review of Fernandez’ phone, they found several deleted files. A forensics expert was eventually able to recover 5 of the videos that showed the nude child in the bathroom.

According to court documents, Fernandez hid a camera among items on the bathroom shelf.

Fernandez is being charged with possession of child pornography, voyeurism and child exploitation.

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