EXCLUSIVE: Dem Voter Registration employee created fake registration card in lead-up to 2020 election

Conner Stigner — Courtesy: Facebook


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Recently uncovered documents show a Democrat employee of the St. Joseph County Voter Registration office created a fake voter registration card in the lead-up to the 2020 election. According to the discipline file of Conner Stigner, he admitted to creating the fake card in October of last year. Stigner received a two day unpaid suspension.

The record, obtained by REAL News Michiana, says the card “contained an offensive false name based on a reference to female genitalia.” The report does not say exactly what was on the card, but an EEOC complaint regarding a separate sexual harassment case, makes mention of a registration card circulated by Stigner with the name “Lotsa Vagina” living on “Swallow Court.”

The report goes on to say “His intent was a joke, and while several employees perceived it as such, at least one employee found it offensive… When confronted with this accusation, Conner readily admitted to doing it and admitted it was wrong for him to do so.” A copy of that report is below.

“I absolutely had a lapse in judgement.” Stigner told RNM.

Stigner was made aware of the coming story about this incident via social media and contacted RNM asking why we were concerned with this story. RNM explained many people have concerns about potential voter fraud and the integrity of the elections process. RNM also asked Stigner if he created any other fake cards while working in the office.

“No, I think that’s obscene.” Stigner, who ran for a board seat at the South Bend Community School Corporation in 2020, said.

RNM also explained there appears to be a pattern of reported sexual incidents within the Voter Registration office. Stigner went on to blame the alleged victim in a current sexual harassment lawsuit for many of the problems.

“You’re listening too much to (the alleged victim) here.” Stigner said.

RNM has also obtained photos of Stigner’s desk in the Voter Registration office. Stigner confirmed the photos show his work area. Under his desk, you can see a picture of a word describing female body parts. Above that photo is another picture of Hilary Clinton with a hand-written caption saying “For F*** Sake.”

“I had nothing to do with the picture. That’s not my handwriting. That’s not me. It was under my desk.” Stigner explained. He went on to say there was an investigation done about the pictures and he was not punished. There is nothing in his discipline file that shows any punishment concerning the photos under his desk.

RNM has covered multiple stories about sexual harassment claims within the county office. Last week, RNM uncovered an EEOC complaint filed against the county Democrat Chair, Stan Wruble. RNM also published a story about a federal lawsuit being filed against the Democrat Board Member of the office, Muhammad Shabazz.

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office is also now investigating potential timecard fraud of a former Democrat Board Member of the office, after RNM published this story.


  1. This guy is a sicko. The Democratic Party here locally has become an embarrassment and after campaigning for great men Roger Parent, Kernan and Steve Luecke I’m ashamed to have ever been affiliated.


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