WATCH: Parent Hilariously Rips into School Board About CRT, Transparency

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A Penn Harris Madison Schools‘ parent ripped into the school board this week regarding the implementation of Critical Race Theory and a lack of transparency. The parent spoke to the board remotely, using a Soviet Union flag as his background and was sure to lean hard into sarcastic suggestions that the school district knows how to raise children better than their own parents.

“I just want to start off by saying you all were right and I have been wrong the entire time.” Parent Ben Dallas said as he started his speech that lasted a little more than 2 minutes. “Our kids are really your kids! They belong to the state, not the parents. Thank you for allowing us to clothe, feed, nurture and mentor our children.”

“SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Culturally Relevant Learning, Critical Race Theory; those are all good things peeps. Again, you were all right. Thank you for training our kids to be politically correct, proper little Marxists. The more future Democrat voters you all can create, the better we’ll all be.” Dallas continued. “My three bi-racial kids are now going to think their future potential is limited to their ethnicity. Hey, that’s a good thing in today’s world, right?”

Dallas, who also hosts REAL News Michiana’s, REAL News Roundup, went on to slam the district for refusing to be transparent in its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion curriculum.

“Last month I requested that the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office give a monthly update on any curriculum that has been removed or added and why. Nobody listened to me as usual, and nor should you have.” Dallas said. “My mind has been changed… as I’ve learned from so many teacher’s union members and Democrat parents throughout the months, month after month, teachers are actually above transparency. They just need to be blindly trusted and supported. Nevermind that pilots, doctors, lawyers, nurses, police officers, fast food workers, factory workers, Uber drivers, garbagemen and pretty much every other industry is either linked to and enforced to have transparency. That doesn’t matter, because teachers nowadays, I guess they’re above that.”

Dallas ended his Monday night speech by naming three board members, thanking them for helping him see the error in his ways.

“Goodnight comrades!” Dallas said as he signed off.

REAL News Michiana has covered several stories in which PHM School implemented CRT, including the introduction of the “Pyramid of White Supremacy” that was initially included in the district’s Social Emotional Learning curriculum. That curriculum also includes lessons on CRT based microaggressions.

RNM also uncovered a master’s thesis written by PHM’s 2018 teacher of the year recipient that discussed how she had implemented CRT into her curriculum and posited ways to get CRT included district-wide.

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