National Satanic Temple Founder Attacks Journalist, Disabled Veteran

Lucien Greaves, Cofounder/Spokesperson for The Satanic Temple — Photo: Twitter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The national leader and founder of the Satanic Temple took to social media to attack REAL News Michiana Journalist and disabled veteran, Clifton French. This comes nearly a month after RNM exposed the Indiana state leader of the Satanic Temple as a 4th grade teacher out of Fort Wayne.

Lucien Greaves, founder and spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, initially posted the following false claims:

“This ‘reporter’ is trying to doxx people in the After SChool Satan Club, even posting pictures of instructors because, apparently, such details help the public better understand the story.”


French responded by pointing out RNM never published a story about a Satanic club.

Greaves then said, “I see. You were merely doxxing a fourth grad teacher for being part of The Satanic Temple because you’re a coward who disgraces his uniform, if you actually served. If you hate religious liberty, leave America, little man.”

French is a disabled veteran who was deployed as a machine gunner in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005-2006. He received several combat medals, including the Combat Action Badge and a medal with valor for “displaying unwavering courage in the midst of enemy fire.” French received that accomodation during a fight in Mosul, Iraq, where he eliminated multiple enemy fighters while under intense direct fire. One enemy round struck the barrel of his .50 caliber machine gun.

RNM has written several stories regarding the Satanic Temple and ties to local organizations and an elementary school teacher.

A local organization called Northern Indiana Atheists (NIA) has strong ties to the Satanic organization. It held a fundraiser for the Satanic Temple Indiana called “Menstruatin’ with Satan. The NIA also put up a holiday display in the lobby of the County City Building in Downtown South Bend supporting the Satanic Temple.

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