4th Grade Teacher Runs Indiana Satanic Temple

Jessica Klikas, Owner of The Satanic Temple Indiana and a 4th Grade Teacher at Haverhill Elementary School in Allen County

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has discovered the owner and founder of a statewide Satanic temple is a 4th grade teacher at a school district on the southwestern outskirts of Fort Wayne.

According to Indiana Secretary of State records, Jessica Klikas is the owner of The Satanic Temple Indiana, also known as Porta Infernum (Latin for Gate of Hell) LLC. Klikas is currently a 4th grade teacher at Haverhill Elementary School, according to a staff directory for the Southwest Allen County Schools' district website.

Klikas social media accounts also show that she is currently a 4th grade teacher. Her LinkedIn account shows she is employed at Southwest Allen County Schools. Her Facebook account has Haverhill Elementary School listed as her employer.

Klikas is also featured in several pictures on The Satanic Temple Indiana's Instagram Account.

RNM reached out to Klikas, the Haverhill Elementary School Principal and the Southwest Allen County Schools' Superintendent with the following email early Tuesday afternoon:

Good Afternoon,

I'm reaching out to get comment from Ms. Klikas and school administrators. I recently discovered Ms. Klikas is the founder of a state-wide satanic organization. Obviously, parents may be concerned about a satanist influencing their children. Do the principal, superintendent or Ms. Klikas have a statement to reassure parents?

I've attached documents from the Indiana Secretary of State showing Ms. Klikas' involvement in the organization.

As of publication, RNM has not received a response. However, Klikas has since changed the privacy settings on her social media profiles.

You can view the Indiana Secretary of State documents below.


Klikas and The Satanic Temple Indiana appear to have a strong relationship with a non-profit based out of Elkhart County called Northern Indiana Atheists. REAL News Michiana recently ran a story about a fundraiser the NIA held for The Satanic Temple Indiana called "Menstruatin' with Satan." The Satanic Temple Indiana also has the NIA featured in an article on their website.

The NIA has also promoted Satan and The Satanic Temple in other ways. This year, the NIA set up a Satanic Holiday Display in the lobby of the County-City building in Downtown South Bend.

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  1. So why do the Northern Indiana Atheists support a religion? The Satanic Temple is still a religion. Not very Atheist of them.

    This smells like a Soros op.

  2. Are you kidding me? Really? It appears that the Southwest Allen County School District needs a serious review of their teacher vetting process.


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