4th Grade Teacher, Satanic Leader Reviewed Satanic Workbook For Kids

Cover of The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities — Photo: Goodreads.com

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — REAL News Michiana discovered a 4th grade public school teacher, who is also the leader of a statewide Satanic temple, reviewed a Satanic children’s activity book. Right Now, RNM is working to find out if any of those activities were used in the teacher’s class.

Jessica Klikas, a 4th grade teacher at Haverhill Elementary School, gave The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities a 5 star rating on Goodreads.com. According to Goodreads.com, the book contains activities such as “find differences between two pictures, word jumble, connect the dots, word search, maze, drawing, decode the message.”

Jessica Klikas Satanic Temple Indiana
Jessica Klikas, 4th grade teacher at Haverhill Elementary School, featured on the Satanic Temple Indiana’s Instagram Page

According to Indiana Secretary of State records, Klikas is the owner of The Satanic Temple Indiana, also known as Porta Infernum (Latin for Gate of Hell) LLC. Klikas is currently a 4th grade teacher at Haverhill Elementary School, according to a staff directory for the Southwest Allen County Schools’ district website.

RNM has discovered several openly pro-Satan posts on Klikas’ social media. Below are a couple of examples from her Twitter account, that have since been deleted. Klikas has also changed the privacy settings on her Facebook account to prevent anyone from seeing her previous public posts.

Photos of Klikas have also been scrubbed from The Satanic Temple Indiana’s Instagram page. RNM took screenshots of those prior to their removal.

REAL News Michiana Reached out to Klikas, the Haverhill Elementary School Principal and the Southwest Allen County Schools’ Superintendent to see if activities from the Satanic children’s book were ever used in Klikas’ classroom or if there would be an investigation. As of publication, RNM has not received a response.

Last week, the school district sent RNM the following message regarding Klikas’ leadership in the Satanic organization.

“We do not ask our teachers, or any employees, about their religious beliefs.” An email from Southwest Allen County Schools’ Director of Human Resources, read. “Per our School Board Policy, ‘The Board of Education of SACS believes that all persons ought to be free to follow their own religious beliefs, without government interference, according to the dictates of their own consciences and in accordance with law.’ As a public school corporation, our teachers are expected to teach the approved curriculum and they are not to impose their personal beliefs onto their students.”

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