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Letter to the Editor: RNM Successfully Changes Media Landscape in 2021

Jamie OBrien
Jamie OBrien

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — I write today to commend Real News Michiana on a very successful kickoff in 2021. And also, to encourage more of the same in 2022.  

It is so refreshing and helpful to have a local media outlet that is not in the tank for the local leftists. Real News Michiana and its editor, Clifton French (a war hero, nonetheless), regularly break local stories that are too embarrassing to local and national democrats for the legacy media outlets, like the South Bend Democrat, to cover.  

RNM is also quick to break local stories involving law enforcement and those who attack our heroic men and women in blue.  And, if the reader wants to see the sneaky hand of the Bolsheviks creeping into the classroom, only RNM reliably researches and calls out mediocre educators for their shameful  indoctrination efforts. Can’t wait to read the next breaking story in RNM.

Jamie OBrien (loyal reader and paid subscriber) — Granger, IN

Want to keep seeing the news the legacy media just wont report? REAL News Michiana relies on member subscribers to keep going. As a subscriber, you’ll get an RNM mug and invites to special events. Help us continue to expose corruption and report on the news conservatives care about by subscribing here.



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