NY Doctor Travels to South Bend to Kill Hoosier Babies

Dr. Meera Shah, Chief Medical Officer at Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic — Travels to South Bend to Perform Abortions — Photo: LinkedIn

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A doctor from New York makes monthly trips to South Bend to perform abortions, according to a recent article from the Washington Post. While the WP article makes it seem as if this doctor is doing a social good in our community, it highlights how people from outside the local area have taken it upon themselves to literally kill our future.

The article from December 3rd, highlights a doctor by the name of Meera Shah and her 800 mile monthly commute to Northern Indiana.

“She is among about 50 doctors who travel regularly to 20 states, logging hundreds of miles, crisscrossing time zones to provide abortions in places where patients would otherwise not have access.” The article states.

Shah is paid by the clinic, Whole Woman’s Health, which has been operating in South Bend without a license for years. The WP article mentions nothing about the facility being unlicensed.

“The daughter of Indian immigrants, Shah sees her work as part of her identity as a doctor and her commitment to social justice. She was back to her South Bend commute two days after her honeymoon this summer to see patients at a Whole Woman’s Health Alliance clinic.” The article continues.

On top of the New Yorker taking it upon herself to kill Hoosier babies, the article also describes Shah scoffing at Indiana laws during a conversation with an 18-year-old patient.

“Shah began to read from a script required by Indiana law, but she added, ‘I don’t agree with this as your doctor.'” The Washington Post article quotes Shah as saying. “The mandated script includes medically disputed information such as, ‘A human fetus can feel pain at or before 20 weeks,’ and that abortion can cause infertility later. ‘Both not true,’ Shah told her patient.”

The article also describes the volunteer “escorts” at the facility in a glowing light. However, fails to mention their aggressive and violent tactics as well as their affiliation with Antifa and the openly Satanic organization, Northern Indiana Atheists. The NIA recently erected a Satanic “holiday display” inside the lobby of the County-City Building in Downtown South Bend.

The questions we should all be asking ourselves; Why can’t this facility find local doctors to perform these abortions, let alone someone from the same state? And, are we okay with someone traveling halfway across the country to kill our children?

The answers to those questions are simple — Hoosier doctors understand the value of life. Hoosier citizens understand how precious the unborn are. And, we don’t need a New York elitist killing our young for a paycheck, while palling around with the few local anarchists and Satanists.

Stay in New York, Shah. Your services aren’t needed in South Bend.


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