Antifa, Pride Group Support Kids Drag Show, Attack Christian Child in Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered video of local Antifa members harassing and preventing a group of Christians from entering a public event at a public park in Goshen. The event was being hosted by the Goshen LGBTQ Pride organization and was initially advertised to include a drag show for children at the Shanklin Park Pool. The pride group eventually announced they were cancelling the kids’ drag show after a story published by RNM uncovered the main organizer is a local middle school teacher. The group of Christians who attended, known as the Northern Indiana Abolitionists, tells RNM they were there to spread the gospel to the group of folks who were openly promoting child exploitation via children’s drag.

According to the Christian group, one of the members of the pride group or Antifa, verbally attacked a 16-year-old girl then threw water on her mother.

“She ended up making my daughter cry.” Brent Buckley, Northern Indiana Abolitionists, said. “She was being so vulgar and berating her so badly that she cried. She had to go back to the car to take a break.”

“Then she came back (my daughter). And when the woman who had berated her saw her come back, she continued and said ‘oh, did you have a good cry?'” Buckley added. “And then my wife said something, and the woman had an open bottle of water that she threw in her face.”

RNM asked Buckley if he or anyone in his group called the police regarding the assault and the obstruction of public traffic.

“If someone would have been really hurt, we would have.” He said. “We were there to spread the gospel.”

About an hour of the interaction can be seen in the Facebook livestream below. Buckley says the attack on his daughter and wife were not captured on camera.

The group of Antifa thugs are well known to Buckley and his Christian group. Buckley says the Northern Indiana Abolitionists typically make monthly trips to the Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in South Bend. The same Antifa members who were at the park in Goshen, volunteer as “escorts” for women at the clinic who are in the process of killing their unborn children.

Below is video of one of those Antifa members, Michael Case, attacking Buckley outside of the abortion clinic last year.

Case is currently under investigation by the Capitol Police for nearly running over congresswoman Jackie Walorski. You can read more about that here. According to Buckley, Case was not at the Goshen event. However, Antifa leader Tonna Robinson was. RNM recently ran a story about Robinson attacking a veteran owned business, among several other incidents. You can read all about her here.

You can see more videos of Antifa’s tactics in this story published by RNM several months ago.

RNM reached out to Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman and the parks department for comment on the incidents and to see if anything was being done to punish the organizers for not allowing the public to attend a public event.

“I have spoken with both Goshen Police Department and Goshen Parks Department.  Neither Department received any complaints from either the event organizers and participants or the people you have stated were not allowed in.  Until your email I was not even aware that there were any issues at the Saturday event you are referring too.” Mayor Stutsman wrote in an email. “As you know this was not a city sponsored or planned event.”

RNM also reached out to the organizers of the event. They did not respond to our messages.


  1. Jordan Fouts @ Elkhart Truth and Jon Zimney @ MNC refer to me as a complainer and as a member of the “anti-gay” movement. My friends should be heralded as champions for braving the unpopular climates and speaking truth. I was the first speaker.

  2. A drag show for kids is truly disgusting. What parent in their right mind would take their children to such an event? Keep up the good work, Cliff!


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