Middle School Teacher Organized KIDS DRAG SHOW

Goshen Junior High School Teacher Naomi Zook, Courtesy: Facebook

GOSHEN, Ind. — New documents obtained by REAL News Michiana show the organizer of a drag show for kids is a teacher at Goshen Jr. High.

The event, being called a “Youth Drag Show and Party,” is scheduled for tomorrow at Shanklin Park in Goshen and is being promoted by the Goshen LGBTQ Pride organization. You can see the flyer for the event below.

According to the special event application submitted to the City of Goshen and its parks department, Goshen Pride is the organization in charge of the event with Naomi Zook as the main point of contact.

It turns out, Zook is listed as the 6th grade English Language Arts teacher at Goshen Jr. High School, as seen below.

RNM Reached out to Zook to ask if it was appropriate for a middle school teacher to organize a drag show for kids. She promptly hung up as the question was asked. RNM called her back and sent a text message. She has not responded.

Zook has been in the media multiple times as a leftist activist. Here she is in the Elkhart Truth. Here she is with ABC57.

RNM called the number listed on the Goshen LGBTQ Pride Facebook page and spoke to who we can only assume is another organizer of the event. While the event is still being advertised, she claimed the “Drag Show” portion had been cancelled. However, the event is still being promoted and the organizers have yet to post on social media (or anywhere else that RNM could find) that the event is no longer happening.

“There actually is no drag show tomorrow.” She said.

“There just weren’t enough participants.” She added, when asked why the show was cancelled.

RNM’s Clifton French then asked the woman if she believed a drag show for children could be considered child exploitation.

“No.” She replied.

She then likened sexualized drag shows to dressing up for Halloween.

The woman on the phone refused to give RNM her name, but a quick search of public records showed the phone number listed as the cell number of an Adrienne Nesbitt. Nesbitt works as the Director of Events for Eyedart Creative Studio, a local marketing and public relations company.

The mayor’s office and parks department also told RNM that the organizers told the city the drag show has been cancelled. But, the city is also aware that the event is still being advertised.

It’s important to note that the application did not indicate that a drag show for kids was being planned.

You can download and read the entire special event application below.


  1. I grew up around the Goshen area and I know the name Zook as Mennonite name. I don’t understand how being raised in a Christian home knowing what the Bible says, that she feels this is okay to encourage middle school children to participate.

  2. “Hate Group Member Assaults Protester During Child Exploitation And Sexualization Event In Goshen Indiana – The Flyover Report”

    “Flyover country”– that is how the coastal communists deridingly refer to the midwest, the latter of which to some degree provides a check on the former’s insanity.

    You know what a “useful idiot” is? Here is an example. During the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia, there were many people, who fancied themselves intellectuals, who helped bring the communist Bolsheviks into power. Once the Bolsheviks had control over Russia, the Bolsheviks knew that keeping these so-called intellectuals around would only destabilize their own hold on power, just like they destabilized the Czars control over the country years earlier. So what was the solution to that problem? A bullet in the back of the head. A free one-way-trip to Kolyma without proper attire in a boxcar packed with many other undesirables.

    And it is not just in Russia where we see the example of the useful idiot. Even in Nazi Germany, there were the Brownshirts who helped Hitler rise to power. The Brownshirts, led by a notorious pederast and homosexual Ernst Rohm, had to be liquidated because even the general population was beginning to smell the stench coming from them. Enter the “Night of the Long Knives.”

    Didn’t learn this in history class, liberal? There is a reason for that. Know your real enemy. They are within your own ranks.


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