Antifa Attack Veteran Owned Business in Goshen, Continuing Pattern of Intimidation

GOSHEN, Ind. — Communist Antifa activists are on a mission to close down a veteran owned business in Goshen. The reason; Op1vet sells items that support the military and police, like the “thin blue line” and “don’t tread on me” flag.

The group is also upset that the store sells parody items of the communist Black Lives Matter organization. Below are the social media posts from today that show the beginning of their mission to take down the veteran owned business.

Many of the posts reference the “three percenter” left wing conspiracy theory, that claims the III symbol is synonymous with racist militant groups. While some new “militia” groups have adopted the symbol, it is common among veterans and veteran groups. The meaning behind “3 percent” references the number of Americans who were willing to fight the British in the Revolutionary War, however that number is not agreed upon by most historians.

The open Antifa socialist leading the charge is Tonna Robinson, who has made a name for herself attacking businesses for supporting any military or police cause. You can read about her efforts to remove a police support flag at Fiddlers Hearth in South Bend here.

She also attacked a gift-shop in Wawasee owned by a minority immigrant for selling a shirt supporting the GOP. You can see her social media post about that below. Plus the response from her victim.

Robinson also went after the South Bend Fraternal Order of Police for posting a picture of Santa Claus, claiming the picture was racist. You can read about that here.

Robinson has also pushed to remove conservatives from elected political positions. You can read about one such incident in Goshen here.

You can read her wonderful thoughts about protesting outside of a South Bend Common Councilmember’s home below.

Ed Christner, a U.S. Army veteran who served in Desert Storm, opened his Op1vet storefront on Tuesday, June 1st. He has had an online store since 2018.

“I won’t be intimidated. This is my hometown. If someone doesn’t like what’s in here, they don’t need to come.” He said.

“Our mission is changing the life of one veteran at a time.” Christner added.

Christner says proceeds from his sales go to helping veterans across the country. You can visit his store at 117 S. Main Street in Goshen. You can also shop online at

Below are several more examples of Robinson attacking conservatives and their livelihoods, much like an actual fascist.



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