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WATCH: Antifa Nearly Runs Over Congresswoman Outside of South Bend Abortion Clinic


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered security camera footage showing a local Antifa member nearly running over Republican Congresswoman, Representative Jackie Walorski, outside of an abortion clinic in South Bend.

Walorski visited the area outside of the Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic to pray with pro-life activists on Saturday, May 15th. In the video, you can see a black Dodge Charger driving through at a high rate of speed as Walorski, who is wearing yellow, starts walking away from a crowd. The driver slams on his brakes before nearly hitting Representative Walorski and another man.

You can watch the full video below:

As you can see in the google maps picture below, there is a large shoulder and bike lane. The vehicle crossed the bike lane into the shoulder where the congresswoman was walking. It’s also where many of the pro-life activists walk during business hours.

RNM has identified the man behind the wheel as Michael Case, an Antifa activist who regularly volunteers as an “escort” for women visiting the clinic to get an abortion. RNM also uncovered a Facebook post about the visit in which Case wrote “Jackie needs to learn to stay out of the street.” You can see the post below.

Case has a history of aggressive behavior toward pro-life activists. RNM previously ran a story about the tactics of the radical pro-abortion “volunteers” that you can read here. Below is a video of Case getting out of his black Dodge Charger to aggressively threaten a pro-life activist.

Many of the abortion clinic “volunteers” are open members of Antifa and an Atheist group called Northern Indiana Atheists.

Case has threatened people on social media with Antifa before. You can see an example below where Case was identified by someone in a video on social media.

However, going after politicians is nothing new for the radical “volunteer escorts” at Whole Women’s Health. One activist, Tonna Robinson, has made a name for herself by attacking local political leaders. You can read about one incident here where she managed to get a Goshen City Councilman to resign by claiming he espoused “racist and white supremacist views.”

Below are photos from Robinson’s Facebook page where she wears a shirt with “Deathscort” written on it. Another is outside of the St. Joseph County Jail with the acronym ACAB (All Cops are Bastards). And, another profile picture that says “Official Antifa Employee.”

RNM Reached out to Representative Walorski’s camp for comment, but as of publication, has not heard back.

This story has been updated to show a corrected date. The initial story had a typo showing the incident involving the congresswoman happened on March 15th. The incident actually occurred on May 15th.


  1. OMG, these two are sociopaths! Who takes pride in wearing a shirt that says “Deathscort”? What kind of person takes pride in helping to kill the unborn? So called pro choice advocates have gone from “safe, legal, and rare” to “shout your abortion.” The attack on the city councilman is insane and narcissistic. Then there’s the fervent support for Antifa. 🙄

    And we’ve got Michael Case, who’s in a league of his own with his degree of degeneracy. He takes pride in not only helping to kill the unborn, but also in leaking people’s private information, and support for many Marxist and radical endeavors. He hates his country, but lllooovvves his daughter, also a radical Marxist.

    We need to take back our country from this type of degenerate while we still have a country to take back.

  2. Antifa has the same origins as Planned Parenthood.

    Both of them originate in anarcho-syndicalist groups from the early 20th century. These groups advocated a “birth strike” whereby contraception and abortion were pushed in order to drastically decrease the birthrate of the working class in hopes that a smaller pool of labor would cause crisis for capitalism. This is NOT speculation but history.



  3. These sociopath terrorist extremists need to be terminated. They serve no benefit to the community and only further the hate & division that exist in America.


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