Mishawaka Council Candidate lies about past DUI — Compares voting Republican to drinking and driving

A reportedly intoxicated Lacy Hahn (Democrat candidate for the Mishawaka Common Council At-Large seat) poses for a picture while holding a beer earlier this year — Photo: Facebook

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Democrat Mishawaka Common Council At-Large candidate Lacy Hahn lied about her own past drinking and driving arrest, while making light of the crime in a post which compared drinking and driving to voting for Republicans.

Hahn made the comments in replies to a Facebook post by Pat Schafer, who recently resigned as the Democrat Absentee Board Supervisor for violating ballot security protocols. In the post, Schafer shares a picture of a sign that says “Please don’t drink or drive or text or vote Republican.”

Hahn commented on the post with several laughing emojis. The St. Joseph County Young Republicans’ page responded to Hahn by stating, “or in your case, please don’t drink and drive.”

Hahn responded to the St. Joseph County Young Republicans by lying with the statement, “never.”

The Young Republicans then posted a picture of court records from an alleged drinking and driving arrest involving Hahn from 2005 stating, “definitely not ‘never.'”

Hahn then deleted all of her previous comments.

Hahn, who has been attempting to run as a moderate Democrat, has a long history of radical and insensitive social media posts. Last year she “liked” and commented on a post making light of combat veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Despite her disregard for public safety and expressed disdain for American veterans, Hahn was recently endorsed by Democrat St. Joseph County Sheriff Bill Redman.

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  1. She also had a mortgage foreclosure in 2013 in the amount of $74,748.82. Sounds like a responsible individual. Remember Mishawaka… you get what you vote for.

  2. So it is safe to assume Sheriff Bill Redman is a Mishawaka resident or does he vote illegally in Mishawaka? I have to ask since he’s a Democrat.


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