Dem. Party scrubs money owed to the late Butch Morgan, never paid him or his family

Butch Morgan
Owen “Butch” Morgan, former Chair of the St. Joseph County Democrat Party — Photo:

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The most recent financial filings for the St. Joseph County Democrat Party no longer show a debt owed to a man who passed away earlier this year. However, it appears the party simply scrubbed the debt from its financials without ever paying the man or his family.

According to financial statements filed with the County Clerk’s Office, the SJC Democrat Party has owed more than $18,000 to Owen “Butch” Morgan for more than a decade. Those numbers were listed in the party’s financials as late as October of last year.

Morgan passed away in January of this year. Now, the most recent filings from the party simply show that debt mysteriously disappeared, as seen on the annual report filed on March 1st, 2023.

Even with the debt mysteriously disappearing from its books, the SJC Democrat Party is in a dire financial situation. The March 1st filing showed the party only had approximately $3,500 in its coffers.

RNM has received a draft complaint regarding the financial discrepancies. The complaint, which has not been filed yet, contains the financial statements described above.

Morgan was the St. Joseph County Democrat Party Chair for years before he was convicted of two counts of conspiracy in 2013, stemming from a scheme to forge petition signatures in 2008. You can read more about the case in a South Bend Tribune article here.

RNM spoke to Morgan in 2021 regarding the debt being owed to him. At that time, Morgan was hoping the party would eventually pay him back.

RNM Reached out to current party chair Diana Hess for comment. As of publication, she has not responded.

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