Indiana National Guard Soldier organizes pro-Hamas protest at IUSB

David Saleh, Soldier with the Indiana Army National Guard/Organizer of pro-Hamas/Palestine rally at IUSB

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned a soldier with the Indiana Army National Guard is responsible for organizing a pro-Hamas/Palestine protest scheduled for tomorrow on the campus of IU South Bend. David Saleh, a member of the National Guard Transportation Unit out of Hammond, is also currently a third year student at IUSB where he is active in the university’s Student Voices for Palestine group.

A flyer for the event, which is scheduled for Thursday at 5:30pm, gives Saleh’s email address as the point of contact for anyone with questions or wishing to attend.

Saleh also posted disturbing messages on his own Facebook page, criticizing IU’s President for a statement she released condemning Hamas following the October 7th terrorist attack in Israel that took the lives of more than 1,300 innocent Israeli Jews. He also criticizes Israel’s push to disrupt power and water supplies to the terrorist organization as they prepare for a ground assault into Hamas territory in Northern Gaza. Israel has ensured power and water continues to flow in the southern part of Gaza for civilian use while Hamas has prevented civilians from evacuating.

“IU president (Pamela) Whitten just made a post aimed to only the Jewish people in the holy state that were killed and made no comment on all of the thousands and thousands of Palestinians that are suffering everyday for the past 80 years!!! There is currently no FOOD, WATER, or POWER for the people in Gaza.” Saleh wrote as he attempted to justify Hamas’ terror attack.

RNM reached out to Saleh who claimed he was not supporting Hamas and only the Palestinian people.

“I don’t associate Hamas with Palestine.” He said.

“But the people of Gaza, the Palestinians, elected Hamas and the majority of them support the terror organization.” RNM responded.

“I don’t think so.” Saleh said.

“Those are the facts.” RNM said.

“Go ahead and kiss my ass and everything that fucking you stand for.” Saleh said before hanging up.

“It’s fine line that’s for sure.” A spokesperson with the Indiana National Guard Public Affairs Office told RNM when informed of the protest and social media posts. That spokesperson asked RNM to send him an email with more information, including screenshots of social media posts and promised to get back with us with an official statement.

Other sources within the Guard tell RNM they’ve been aware of the situation for at least a couple of days. Higher ups within the Guard have been looking into the situation.

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