IU Health Hospital Chaplain, Rabbi: “F*** You” Christians

Rabbi Mike Harvey, Resident Chaplain for IU Health — Photo: Twitter

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has discovered disturbing anti-Christian comments by an IU Health Chaplain. The social media posts made by Rabbi Mike Harvey even appear to potentially be promoting violence against anyone who practices the Christian faith, in particular, white Christians.

The comments posted to Twitter seem to be rants triggered by the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion, signaling the potential overturning of the Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions, that enshrined nonsensical federal rights to abortion.

“F*** Christians and their never ending imperialistic, nationalistic, fascist patriarchy that puts peoples (sic) lives at risks (sic) and doesn’t give a sh** what anyone or science says. Shame on all who hold the cross. 2000 years of genocide continues tonight. F***. YOU.” Rabbi Harvey posted at 2:13am on March 3rd, only 5 hours after news of the Supreme Court leak broke.

Harvey then went further. “So apparently there are Catholics walking around thinking that ‘many Jews despise Jesus.’ Where is this taught? Why would we even care about a 2,000 year old dead false messiah? We couldn’t care less. His followers on the other hand, we’ve taken some issues with over the years.”

In one Tweet, Rabbi Harvey says it’s time to go to war with Christians.

“Time to go to war. For our mothers, sisters, and daughters. We will not stand by and allow a group of white Christians to turn American into the dark ages again. Not this time.” He wrote.

Harvey received widespread praise from the media in January of this year for a Twitter rant he made regarding COVID and its impact on the hospital. He was featured in the Indianapolis Star and on multiple Indianapolis TV news stations for that 20 tweet thread.

However, since getting backlash from his latest, anti-Christian rants, the Rabbi has locked down all of his social media accounts by increasing the privacy settings. The only thing visible on his Twitter page now is a picture that says “Rabbi for Reproductive Freedom” and a headshot of him wearing an IU Health jacket.

RNM Reached out to IU Health for a statement on Rabbi Harvey’s comments. A spokesperson for the hospital system said Rabbi Harvey claims his Twitter account was hacked and he is removing the content because it doesn’t align with IU Health values.

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