WATCH: Antifa activist/Hamas supporter tries to grab holstered pistol from conservative journalist

Peter Loutzenhiser, Antifa Member/Co-Chair Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists/Hamas Supporter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has identified the Antifa activist/Hamas terror supporter who attempted to grab a journalist’s concealed firearm during a rally in Downtown South Bend last week. RNM’s Clifton French covered the pro-Hamas rally on Wednesday, October 11th. He was attempting to question pro-Hamas supporters about a recent Hamas terrorist attack in Israel that resulted in the deaths of more than 1,300 innocent Israeli Jews when he was surrounded by local members of Antifa.

One of the Antifa members, now identified as Peter Loutzenhiser, grabbed the journalist and pulled his jacket above his waist, exposing the pistol grip of one of the journalist’s holstered weapons. Shortly after, two more Antifa activists, including Tonna Robinson, surrounded French to distract him while Loutzenhiser reached for French’s previously concealed weapon. French noticed Loutzenhiser’s actions and quickly pushed him back while giving him a warning. Loutzenhiser then pulled his hand away and put it behind his back. Loutzenhiser and the rest of the Antifa activists were unaware of French’s secondary pistol which remained concealed.

*NOTE* French, a highly decorated combat veteran of the Iraq war, has received numerous threats of violence from local members of Antifa. He holds a lifetime carry permit and carries at least one firearm with him everywhere it is legally allowed.

RNM has learned Loutzenhiser is the Co-Chair of the Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America. Earlier this year, IUSB honored the member of Antifa with the 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Impact Award.

Dozens of other people joined Antifa in the pro-Hamas rally, including a 6th Grade Social Studies teacher from Lasalle Middle School.

Another attendee, who identified himself as Ali Farah, told RNM he was happy 1,300 innocent jews were recently killed.

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