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SJC Dems fight to keep book about anal sex and poop fetishes available to kids at library

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Democrat Party mobilized dozens of activists to ensure a book about anal sex, poop fetishes and the use of mobile sex hookup apps was kept in sections for children in the St. Joseph County Library. All of this stems from a non-political mother of 3 requesting the book be moved when she noticed it sitting only feet away from titles such as Peppa Pig and Star Wars.

“It was very colorful,” The mother told RNM last week. “When I was 8-years-old and I walked past that, I would have said ‘that’s so pretty, I want to read that.’”

The book titled This Book is Gay includes graphic drawings of male and female sex organs and also directs children to experiment with sexual bathhouses. One chapter is titled “The ins and outs of sex.” Once again, all of this is just two feet away from titles like PJ Masks.

The mother’s request to have the book removed from sections for children was denied by the library director. And, at Monday’s Library Board meeting, Director of Library Branch Services Dawn Matthews compared offering sexual and non-sexual book to kids as promoting the same type of diversity as offering books about Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

“We are obligated to include materials offering different viewpoints, and some of these materials may be considered controversial or offensive to some,” Matthews said, according to an article by the South Bend Tribune.

The St. Joseph County Democrat Party has been working to mobilize activists to attack the concerned mother for weeks. In fact, the party wrote about it in their weekly newsletter newsletter on August 20th, falsely claiming Republicans were planning to censor and ban books.

The newsletter also falsely claimed books were being banned at a library system in Hamilton County. RNM’s sister outlet in Indianapolis, REAL News Central Indiana, has covered the issue at that library in depth. It appears the Democrats in St. Joseph County are using the same playbook as left-wing activists in the central part of the state.

Democrat activists also put out a call on social media sites like Nextdoor to rally the radicals.

WNDU and The South Bend Tribune both covered the meeting. However, neither described what was in the book. The outlets also failed to mention the hate that was hurled at the non-political mothers. Several of the left-wing activists heckled the mothers who were attempting to protect their children by calling them “Nazis” among other things.

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  1. If a man was giving his young daughter or son a book like this, it would likely be considered child abuse / grooming. How is any of this okay?

  2. One of those radical commies on NextDoor accused you of grooming minors with alcohol. And their radical commie moderators constantly delete posts defending you. Bunch of splodey heads.


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